Thursday, January 12, 2017

Received Matrix Dividend - 12 January 2017

Every quarter without failed, Matrix distribute its dividend to the shareholders.  Another 3.25 cent per share of dividend is now in my bank account :) Thank you Matrix.

Sold FPGroup - 12 January 2017

Just sold FPGroup @ 0.715.  I was lucky to be allotted in its IPO at the cost of 0.54.  Hence, my earnings is 0.175 cents or 32.40 %.  A pretty good gain I must say :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Received AWC Dividend - 10 January 2017

Yes, today is all about AWC :) While AWC hit a new high, its shareholders are also rewarded with dividend payment of 1 cent per share.  Simply fabulous.

AWC is no longer a Penny Stock - 10 January 2017

Today is a good day for AWC as it hit a new high, a new milestone, reaching RM 1 in stock price.  Hooray to all AWC shareholders out there !

Monday, January 9, 2017

WMS Profit Distribution Received - 9 January 2017

My latest investment, WMS Capital, is bearing fruit.  Today I received my very first profit distribution by WMS Capital, amounting to RM 840.   The way WMS works is very similar to JJPTR.  It is growing slowly but steadily.  Feel free to drop me a message if anyone wish to join me.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Portfolio Performance as of December 2016

Stock Purchase Date Selling Date Purchase Price Selling Price Current Price % Gain/Loss
Frontkn 27-Feb-15
0.17 -16.67
AWC 8-Dec-14
0.945 225.86
MMSV 10-Apr-15
0.535 -28.19
YNHProp 25-Jan-14 8-Mar-16 2.06 1.95
Symlife 1-Aug-14
0.64 -38.46
Pjdev-wc 25-Jan-11 25-Nov-16 0.305 0.5
Pjdev-wc 25-Jan-11 31-Jul-14 0.305 1.04
Matrix 22-Aug-13
2.43 44.64

Rhonema 19-Dec-16 19-Dec-16 0.75 0.83
FPGroup 20-Dec-16
0.67 24.07

Monday, December 26, 2016

JJPTR Profit Distribution Received - 22 December 2016

I completely forgotten to post this when I received the profits on December 22nd.  The profit received this month is 840, which is based on a 4.2 / 4.7 exchange rate.  This is the 6th consecutive months that I have received profits from JJPTR.  Cumulatively, I have made a profit of RM500, just from the 20% profits distribution alone.  Obviously I have made more than that by now.

There has also been a new "Money Game" popping up this year, some promises 30% a month to 10% every day.  The latest news I received is the investment that offers 10% profits daily has collapsed.  I did not join any of those fortunately.  The risk was way too high for my appetite.

Good luck to all and hope everyone can earn more money in 2017.