Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sold Redtone - 23 April 2014

Redtone just released its 3rd quarter earnings today.  In a nutshell, nothing spectacular and in fact, I'm rather disappointed with the latest two quarter earnings.  Hence, I felt the current stock price is fully valued and has little room to further move upwards.   Therefore, I have sold all my remaining Redtone stocks at 0.77.  My average entry price back in early 2013 was 0.40.  My gross profit for this transaction is 93%.   Earlier, I sold Redtone at 0.74.  Adios Redtone and thank you for the great profit.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Matrix Concepts proposed 2-for-1 Bonus Issue

Please be informed that Matrix Concepts has proposed 2-for-1 Bonus Issue.

It still has to obtain Board of Directors & SC approvals which may take another 2 months.
If Matrix can continue to grow its revenue & profits, the BI is viewed as a positive move.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Portfolio Performance as of 31 March 2014

Here's my first quarterly update on my 2014 portfolio performance.  As usual, stocks that were sold in 2013 has been removed.  Overall, it's a pretty good first quarter for me.

Stock Purchase Date Selling Date Purchase Price Selling Price Current Price % Gain/Loss
Pjdev-wc 25-Jan-11
0.72 136.07
Redtone 3-Jan-13 31-Oct-13 0.4 0.74
Redtone 7-Jan-13
0.725 79.01
Ytlpower-wb 21-Jan-13
0.515 18.39
Matrix 22-Aug-13
3.8 46.15
Digista 18-Oct-11 9-Jan-14 0.405 0.3