Friday, December 2, 2011

Sold PandO today, 2nd December 2011

It's almost end of the year.  There is a sudden rally for the past few days.  I'm taking this opportunity to release some of my less performing stocks.  PandO being one of them, sold @ 0.79.  My entry price was at 0.775 and in between, there's a dividend of 5c less 25% income tax.  In a way,  I'm just earning the dividend.  The euro crisis is still not solved.  The recent combined action by Central Banks gives the market some hope, but in my opinion, it's just a delayed of the inevitable.  Hence, I'm trying to raise as much cash as possible and wait for the bear to come.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Received first dividend in November by TWS

It's now November and I'm back from my vacation in Taiwan.  A very nice trip but tiring coz walked too much.  Will post about my Taiwan trip later.  Back on the topic of investment, I just received my first dividend for the month of November, by TWS, 20cents less 25% income tax.  TWS has been giving out more dividend as the earnings continue to rise.   This is just first interim dividend.   Hoping there will be similar or more dividend going forward.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bought Huayang - 20th October 2011

Huayang surged at the opening, hitting a high of 1.65.  I patiently wait for it to come down a little as market is in the red zone.  My buy order was fully matched by 12pm, 1.62.   With that, I won't get odd lots after the Bonus Issue.

Will be away on vacation for a week.  Hopefully I won't miss much of the opportunities in KLSE.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HuaYang announced 2nd quarter result today - 19th October 2011

One of my best performing counter, Huayang, announced its second quarter result today with a bang.   It made a net profit of 13.9m, up from previous quarter of 11.5m, which is equivalent to 12.87cents per share with a total of 23.50cents per share for both quarters.  At today's closing of 1.60, it's PE is amazingly low.  Based on the assumption of full year earnings at 40cents per share, it would means the PE is just 4x.  The timing of this announcement couldn't be better  for a bonus issue of 3:1 that will go ex on 24th October, just next Monday.

Ever since the bonus issue announcement, I've been trying to top up my Huayang, mainly to avoid getting odd lot but it's getting harder now or I'll have to pay for a higher price after today's earnings announcement.  I'm happy with the spectacular result but also sad at the same time as I have not manage to top up.  To sum it up, Huayang is undoubtedly one of the best property stock which doesn't get much attention from big funds.  The race is on !

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bought Digista today - 18th October 2011

The timing couldn't be better.  Sold off 2 of my stocks yesterday and the market drop 28 points today.  Not wanting to miss the opportunity even though there may me more to come, I have decided to accumulate some Digista @ 0.405.  The price has been hovering between 0.4x for quite some time now and the company is making steady profit.  There is also some rumours that the company is aiming to move from Ace market into Main Board.  Furthermore, the owner and the company itself has been buying its own stock.  With all these good news, the upside potential is there.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sold APM too - 17th October 2011

Sold my APM too, at 4.85.  Volume has been very low for this counter.  Although there are still some buy interest from a major shareholders, especially owners from TanChong, I have decided to move my investment elsewhere.  Another reason is that the past few quarter earnings has also been pretty disappointing.

My entry price for APM is 5.00.   Similar to MBMR, APM declared dividends twice in between my holding period.  Once in April for a dividend of 12cents per share and the other dividend is in September with a dividend of 10cents per share.  With a combined dividend of 22cents per share, I'm actually running at a small gain, but I prefer to assume as breakeven.

Sold MBMR today - 17th October 2011

Finally manage to dispose my MBMR @ 3.00 each.   Unfortunately, it is sold at a minor lost after deducting previous dividend payments.  My average entry price for MBMR back in December 2010 was 3.35.  After some 10 months of holding, the stock price has weaken somewhat by mostly the August plunge.  However, my decision was based on its previous few quarter earnings which in my opinion is a little disappointing, not much of a profit growth, in fact, some profit contraction.

In betweem these months. MBMR declared a 8cents dividend in March and another 6cents in September, which total a 14cents of dividend.  After deducting the dividends, my losses from this stock investment is only approximately 5% which I feel is very minimum.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another dividend received - Glomac

Actually, I received the email notification on October 6th but unable to check my email as I was hospitalized due to high fever for the next one week.  The dividend this time is by Glomac, a final dividend of 5cents per share less 25% income tax.

Shortly after the dividend, the share is subdivided into half, meaning if you own 1 share before the subdivision, you will now have 2 share after the subdivision, which also explains the price goes in half.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My 1st dividend in October - Gunung

Received my first divindend in October yesterday by Gunung.  Gunung gave a dividend of 1cent per share.  This is my 5th dividend in the last 30 days.  More to come.

On a side note, I have decided to skip my quarterly portfolio report as I don't see any point in making this quarter report.  It is expected a heavy negative on the portfolio.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Received my 4th dividend - APM

Just checked my email and found a notice for my fourth dividend has been banked into my account.  APM declared 10% dividend, or 10cents per share, less 25% income tax.  The timing of these dividends could not have been better as I need money for my vacation.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Received dividend for Huayang

Received Huayang dividend today, 7.5cents per share, less 25% income tax.   Huayang remained my favourite stock in property sector.  Despite market slump, Huayang stock price is holding up pretty well and is probably one of the best performing stock in property sector.  Huayang closed down 1cent today, ending at 1.33.  If I have any spare cash, I would start collecting this stock.  Also not to forget, Huayang has yet to announce the 1:3 bonus issue.   This is the 3rd dividend received this month and there are still more to come !

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Received 2nd dividend for MBMR

Just checked my email and found a notification email of e-dividend that my MBMR dividend has been credited into my account.  This is the second MBMR dividend and also the second dividend I received in September.  The second MBMR dividend amounted to 6cents for every share held.  Previous MBMR dividend amounted to 8cents for every share held.  This translates to a total of 14cents dividend received thus far.

More dividends to come towards the end of September.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A month for dividend collections

I have just received my first dividend payment of 4.6cents per share in September, by Tambun Indah.  Just thought I would mentioned this again that I have disposed all my holdings on Tambun Indah.  It seems there is some negative news in regards to Tambun.  Hope it is just a minor setback.

I'm expecting a few more dividend payments coming my way soon.  The market remained lackluster and collecting dividends is a great way to wait for the time to pass while letting the market moved into improved sentiments.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bought TWS - 22nd August 2011

Despite a moderate drop in KLCI today, the stocks that I would like to accumulate did not follow.  TWS dropped to 8.90 in the early morning but quickly regained its losses and moved into green territory.  In fact, TWS volume is quite significant for today if one compared with its historical volume.  Seeing TWSPLNT just reported another excellent quarter last week, I believe TWS is likely to post a similar performing result as well.
With that in mind, I decided to top up my TWS @ 9.09.  TWS quarter report should be out very soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bought more MBSB-WA, 19th August 2011

The early morning DJIA plunge of 400+pts did not truly reflect in today's KLSE first session.  Despite the index  drop by 18pts, there is no sign of panic selling.  In fact, there are quite a lot of buying activities.  I think investors are disappointed and had to settle for a small discount.

Without knowing the market direction, I decided to top up my MBSB-WA @ 0.65, and that brings my entry price to 0.695.  The MBSB fundamental are strong and the last 2 quarters registered strong growth in earnings.  If MBSB continue to report strong earnings in next quarter, the stock price are bound to surge.

Another comment I wish to make is that I do not usually like the idea of posting market news and sentiment.  Those are all reasons, excuses and after effects to the market.  If a stock is fundamentally strong, whatever losses from the stock price will rebound back easily when the stock market recovers.  This is actually a good time for me to reflect and make adjustment or swapping to enhance my stock portfolio.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sold Armada, 12th August 2011

I have just sold the remains of my Armada stock @ 3.99.  The previous batch was sold at 4.00.  This translate to a profit of 96.5cents per share or a gain of 31.85%.

The recent drastic swing in daily index gives many opportunities for traders to readjust their portfolio and I intend to take full advantage of that.  It is also a great time for some accumulation of oversold counters which has strong fundamentals.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dividend received in the month of July

I received 4 dividends at the end of July.  They are TWS, SuperMax and Mudajaya twice.  The double dividend from Mudajaya were for both the Final Dividend 15% Single Tier and First Interim Dividend 15% Single Tier.  All of the dividends received above are tax exempt except for TWS which has a 25% tax deduction.

The TWS dividend is from Final Dividend of 20cents before tax or 15cents after tax while the Supermx dividend is from Final Dividend of 5%.

Edit : Made a correction on TWS final dividend where it is 25% tax deduction.

Sold Tambun, 11th August 2011

I have just sold off all my holdings on Tambun @ 0.67.  Today is also the ex-date for its 4.6c dividend, which is the reason why the stock price adjustment from yesterday closing of 0.72.  If including the dividend, I still make a small profit, a mere 2%, out of Tambun.  Without the dividend, it is at a loss of 5%.  However, the main reason I realized (sold) my small profit on Tambun is that I believe I can get a better ROI by swapping into other stocks.  Yes, I intend to do swapping and as such, I will be hunting for a bargain.

The 4.6c dividend will be paid out on 7th Sep 2011.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bought MBSB-WA - 5th August 2011

The selling pressure continues.  Took the opportunity to buy in MBSB-WA @ 0.74.  The warrant will expire in 2016, still about 5 years away.  The mother share, MBSB, just reported a very strong quarter earnings.  The PE is very low.  If MBSB continues to report such strong quarters, the share will definitely continue to surge.

Sold Armada today, 5th August 2011

The DJ suffers a whopping 512points last night.  This causes a panic selling across Asia region, including KLSE.  Major players including Hang Seng and Nikkei suffers between 3% to 4% plunge in the first half of trading session.  On the other hand, KLSE performed better in comparison with other regional markets.

Every plunge is an opportunity, in my opinion.  Trying to take advantage of the discounted price, I have to decided to sell off half of my Armada holding at 4.00.  The afternoon session is about to start.  Let's see if I managed to catch any good stock at a bargain price.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bumi Armada, debut with a bang

Bumi Armada (ARMADA) is listed on Bursa for the first day today, 21st July 2011, with a starting price of 3.65.  Initially, the IPO was priced at 3.15 per share, but it was later adjusted to 3.03 for retailers.  The 0.12 difference will be refunded to their bank account for those who are successful in applying for the IPO.

It recorded over 3 million lots exchange hands on its first day of listing.  Similar to previous few big IPOs, including PChem, MSM & MHB, there is a huge interest in the share from various investors.  The stock price increased steadily throughout the day and closed at a record 4.14, a gain of 1.11 from the IPO price.  The highest price of the day is 4.15, only 0.01 higher than the closing price.

Tomorrow is the last trading day for the week.   Volume for Armada is expected to be strong and it is very likely that the stock price to continue on its uptrend.  I personally still holding on to my Armada shares and will post it as soon as I decided to lock in my profit.  Hooray to Armada !

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Huayang proposed Bonus Issue

Huayang, reported a superb 1Q earnings today, 61.75m in revenue with a net profit of 11.48m or 10.63 cents.  That is an increased of 133.81% over last year's Q1.  Huayang is definitely on the right track and that explains the recent interest in its share.

At the same time, Huayang also proposed for a 1-for-3 bonus issue.  That will definitely gain additional interest from investors and thus pushing the share price higher.  Hurray to Huayang !

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finally a successful IPO application

After so many attempts in IPO application, there is finally one that I successfully applied for, Bumi Armada.  One of the biggest IPO this year.  The listing date is on the 21st of July, a week from now.  Hopefully it will be a great debut.

Bought Mudajaya today, 13 July 2011

Just bought Mudajaya @ 4.46, just to make sure I don't get odd lots after bonus issue, which will ex tomorrow, July 14th.

Huayang had a sudden surge, reaching 1.75 today. Very nice and I'm still holding on to my Huayang.
Another side updates.  TWS latest dividend of 20c went ex yesterday.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mudajaya announced Bonus Issue 1 for 3

Mudajaya has just made an announcement that it is doing a bonus issue of 1 bonus share for every 3 existing shares held.  In other words, if you owned 3000 units of Mudajaya today, on the ex-date, you are given additional 1000 unit.  The details as below :

Entitlement Date : 18/07/2011
EX Date : 14/07/2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Portfolio Performance as of Q2 2011

First half of 2011 has ended and the market is now moving on into Q3 bracket.  Below is a recap of my portfolio as of 1st July 2011.  Only a small movement between April till June 2011.  TWS remained the star in my portfolio whereas the weakest performing stock is Supermax.

Stock Purchase Date Selling Date Purchase Price Selling Price Current Price % Gain/Loss
Mitra 26-Apr-10 17-Jan-11 1.2 1.87   55.83
Bjcorp 18-Aug-10 25-May-11 1.03 1.17   13.59
Fajar-wa 25-Aug-10 10-Jan-11 0.52 0.79   51.92
Mudajaya 27-Aug-10   4.1   4.47 9.02
Supermx 17-Sep-10   4.305   3.72 -13.59
Alam 23-Nov-10 17-Jan-11 1.15 1.18   2.6
Tws 23-Nov-10   3.97   10.44 162.97
P&O 1-Dec-10   0.775   0.79 1.94
Huayang 1-Dec-10   0.95   1.58 66.32
Mbmr 22-Dec-10   3.35   3.21 -4.2
Gunung 23-Dec-10   0.765   0.72 -5.88
Pjdev-wc 25-Jan-11   0.305   0.27 -11.48
Tambun 11-Feb-11   0.705   0.77 9.22
Glomac 24-Feb-11   1.72   1.83 6.4
Pantech-wa 28-Feb-11   0.325   0.29 -10.77
APM 22-Apr-11   5   4.81 -3.8

* Note:  The above do not include any price adjustment due to dividend payout.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tambun declared a 4.6sen dividend

Tambun Indah, one of the latest property IPO based in Penang, announced its first dividend of 4.6sen, keeping its promises.  This was indeed a surprise and with the current price of 0.73, that would means a dividend yield of 6.3%.  Bear in mind that this is just an interim dividend.  In other words, expect more dividends in coming quarters.  At the price of 0.73, this property share is deemed attractive as it is only trading at a single digit PE ratio.

Entitlement Date : 15/08/2011
EX Date : 11/08/2011
Payment Date : 07/09/2011
Dividend : Single Tier Interim Dividend of 4.6 sen

With this dividend announcement, this stock may have gotten a bigger pool of investors and may helped in pushing its share price higher in coming days.  Happy days is coming.

Monday, May 30, 2011

TWS released its Q1 earnings result

The wait is over.  TWS has just released its first quarter, Q1, earnings result.  It reported an increased of revenue of 1.46b compared to previous years Q1 which generated a revenue of 1.3b.  The reported net profit was 89.9m, translating to a 31.03 eps.  It's a great start for a first quarter !

And the best of all, it announced a 20c dividend ! TWS stock price remained above RM10 and I am confident it will continue to rise in the next 6-12 months.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sold BJCorp today, 25th May 2011

After many months and days of trying to sell off BJCorp, it finally matched today.  BJCorp is one of the least performing stock that I owned and am glad that I've finally had it disposed.   My entry price was 1.03 and sold it off @ 1.17, which equates to a 14c or a 13.6% gross profit.

The hunt for new potential investment is on.  Stay tune !

Thursday, May 19, 2011

TWS broken its RM 10 resistance and continue to surge

In the last 4 trading days, TWS is in the spotlight.  It ended at top spot in Top Gainers for 4 consecutive days without failed.  That's an amazing performance.   The stock price rise continuously from 8.04 to now 10.28, that is over 25% growth in just 4 to 5 days.  Simply spectacular I would say.

One of the group's subsidiary, TWS Plantation (TWSPLNT) has also been following TWS closely behind.  Rising from 3.15 to 3.82, over 20% growth in the last few days.  This is not a mere speculation but supported by today's released quarter earnings.   TWS Plantation reported a net profit of 48.628m, an increased of 94.96% from previous year first quarter.  That translates to 7.73 eps.  Very strong first quarter.

Usually TWS quarter earning report will follow shortly.  One can expect similar or better result for TWS.  So, let's wait the good news !

Thursday, May 12, 2011

When there is nothing to do, do nothing !

It's been a while since my last postings.  My recent inactivity in both blogging space and trading space is mainly attributed to the recent negative market sentiment.  In the past couple of weeks, the overall volume has dropped dramatically and majority of stock in KLSE trades with little volume.  In general, the buying power seems to have gone away.  Since the lackluster performance in the market, why not spend some time away from the market and do something we all enjoy in, vacation !  I just spent a few days in Ipoh and planning another short trip within Malaysia soon.  So, when there is nothing to do in market, do nothing.  For those who still have money in hand meant for investment, it is a good time to accumulate those fundamentally strong share. 

Good luck !

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bought APM today, 22nd April 2011

After many days of queuing to buy, it finally matched ! Bought APM @ 5.00 during the last 15 minutes before market ends for the week.

Why APM ?

- major shareholders has been heavily buying back its shares
- good track of quarterly profit
- attractive PE

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarawak Election Euphoria is Over

April 16th 2011, commonly as 4/16, the Sarawak Election polling day, is now over.  Results is out and BN successfully retains its 2/3 majority.  The week before 4/16, KLSE had a choppy week, with 4 out of 5 days ended in red.  Many speculated that it is tightly linked to the Sarawak Election on 4/16.  Now that it is over and BN once again proven to be the victor, the big question in the investment community will turns to - Will we see a rally on Monday ?

Irregardless of bull or bear in tomorrow's market, we as investors, should always try to focus on investment in fundamentally strong stock.  We should avoid gambling (investment) based on rumours or election euphoria.  In fact, I tried to buy some new stocks on Thurs & Fri but failed to get any, as I see quite a number of stocks in my watchlist has fallen to my target entry price.  Let's see if I get lucky tomorrow.  All the best to investors out there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Manhattan Fish Market Promotion from April 4th - 8th

Just had my dinner at Manhattan Fish Market.  They are having a promotion for just this week, starting from 4th until 8th (Friday) of April.   Fish & Chips only at RM6.99, after tax is about RM8.  I was expecting the portion of the fish & chips to be reduced reflecting the price reduction, but I was totally wrong ! The Fish & Chips were served pretty fast and it's still hot.  The dory fish meat is huge and thick and there's enough chips to fill most people's stomach.  Everyone at the table were full and satisfied with this generous promotion.  I highly recommend you to check it out before the promotion ends.

Details of the promotion can be found here :

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Portfolio Performance as of Q1 2011

It has come to the end of the first quarter of 2011.  So many events has occurred in the past 3 months and many of them are sadly on the negative side.  Nevertheless, being a good investor, we have to be prepared for any type of news, whether good or bad.  Enough said, below is the my portfolio as of March 31st (Q1) 2011.

Stock Purchase Date Selling Date Purchase Price Selling Price Current Price % Gain/Loss
Mitra 26-Apr-10 17-Jan-11 1.2 1.87 55.83
Bjcorp 18-Aug-10 1.03 1.14 10.68
Fajar-wa 25-Aug-10 10-Jan-11 0.52 0.79 51.92
Mudajaya 27-Aug-10 4.1 4.83 17.8
Supermx 17-Sep-10 4.305 4.31 0.12
Alam 23-Nov-10 17-Jan-11 1.15 1.18 2.6
Tws 23-Nov-10 3.97 8.05 102.77
P&O 1-Dec-10 0.775 0.785 1.29
Huayang 1-Dec-10 0.95 1.61 69.47
Mbmr 22-Dec-10 3.35 3.02 -9.85
Gunung 23-Dec-10 0.765 0.75 -1.96
Pjdev-wc 25-Jan-11 0.305 0.32 4.92
Tambun 11-Feb-11 0.705 0.69 -2.22
Glomac 24-Feb-11 1.72 1.79 4.07
Pantech-wa 28-Feb-11 0.325 0.34 4.62

* Note:  The above do not include any price adjustment due to dividend payout.

Link to my previous portfolio performance

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CIMB Research sees fair value for Hua Yang at RM2.76

After the recent stock price surged on Huayang, I can't help but to post the following article published in The Edge Malaysia.  Hooray to all Hua Yang shareholders !

KUALA LUMPUR: CIMB Equities Research said although Hua Yang is a very small property stock in terms of market cap, it has big ambitions and plans to expand its profits several fold over the next three to five years.

It said on Tuesday, March 29 that should Hua Yang manage to deliver its targets of RM500 million to RM600 million in turnover and RM75 million to RM90 million net profit, P/E would plunge to below 2.0 times.

CIMB Equities Research said the high targets are not unrealistic as the group has landbank with RM2.23 billion GDV potential and is always on the lookout for more. Also, it has exceeded its FY3/11 sales target of RM300m and including bookings, has unbilled sales of over RM400 million, nearly 4x FY10’s turnover.

“Using a blend of 40% discount to its RM4.30 RNAV in view of its small size and illiquid shares and a similar discount to our 14.5x FY12 target market P/E, we arrive at a value of RM2.76, which implies 100% upside,” it said.

Source: The Edge Malaysia

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another dividend received

I'm loving e-dividend more and more.  No more runs to the bank to get cheque deposited.  All is done for you and right on the day of payment.   This round, I get notified that my dividend for MBMR has been banked it.  Even though at current price, MBMR is at a paper loss,  I'm still confident on the share price in the longer run.

Huayang has been making a good rally since yesterday.  It managed to touch 1.20 this morning and ended the first half session at 1.19.  I'm still holding on to my Huayang for now.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Citi will do reverse stock split and resumes dividend

Yesterday, Citigroup (C) announced that it will reverse stock split of 10-to-1, every 10 shares of its stock will be exchanged for 1 new share as of May 6.  This means if today you have 1000 units of C, after May 6, you will have only 100 units of C, but the stock price will reflect accordingly.  This reverse stock split exercise will reduces the amount of Citi shares outstanding from 29 billion to 2.9 billion.

Citigroup will also pays a dividend of 1c for every share held.  The CEO of Citigroup commented that it will only start pay higher dividend or share buyback in year 2012.

One should not be too worried by this move as it is necessary for Citigroup to reduce the number of outstanding shares for a better future prospect.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dividend received

KLSE managed a minor gain today.  The nuclear crisis worries seems to be lessen although the general public remained concerned and confused by the various news sources.  On the other hand, there seem to have some development at the middle east, Libya, in particular, where UN has declared a no-fly zone and backing up the rebellion forces.  The market viewed it as a positive move.

Apart from the daily news,  today I received an email notifying me that Supermax has banked in my dividend.   Thanks to e-dividend which allows the shareholder to be notified electronically and payment are banked in directly into their bank.  Supermax declared an interim tax exempt dividend of 5% on 14th Feb 2011.  The payment day is today, 18th March 2011.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nikkei 225 suffers a 10% plunge due to increased concern on Nuclear Crisis

Today we see a big plunge in Japan's Stock Exchange, Nikkei 225, who suffers 14% loss at around noon but managed to recover slightly to close at 10% loss, -1015pts.   All regional stock exchange suffers the same fate, falling between 2%-3%.  Malaysia's KLSE managed to close at a loss of 11.21 pts or 0.75%.

As the world continue to follow the earthquake, tsunami & nuclear plant leakage disaster closely, let us not forget to also pray for them.   May the worst has past and road to recovery begins.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mudajaya proposes a 1-for-3 bonus issue

After many days of watching Mudajaya going south, it finally announce a news that many investors would cheer of.  Mudajaya is proposing a 1-for-3 bonus issue.

To avoid any confusion, it means if you are holding 3000 units of Mudajaya, you are entitled to 1000 units of new Mudajaya share, which will ends up with a total of 4000 units.   The announcement is just a proposal, meaning it has to get approval from its shareholders before we can have an idea of when the bonus issue is scheduled.

If the proposal is approved and you are only holding 2000 units of Mudajaya, you will end up with odd lots.  In this case, you have a decision to make, either to sell off your share or to top-up so it can be in multiply of 300 or 3000 units.  When more details is released, I will post it here.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dividend received

Today I received 2 letters.  Both are dividend notification letters, TWS and P&O.  Even though P&O dividend is little in comparison to TWS, it is still a good gesture from the company to distribute income to its shareholders.

Market continue to be weak, especially on the second liners.  Stocks with strong fundamentals tend to fare better than the rest.  Not all in my holdings are doing well.  This will be a good time to evaluate the stock we have bought and determine the next step.  Any action by me will surely be posted here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bought more Pantech-wa today, 1st March 2011

My order matched while I was away in the morning.  I have accumulated enough of Pantech-wa @ 0.325.  I believe my shopping is pretty much done.  Although Pantech-wa is now running at over 40% premium, there is still a good likelihood it will shoot up when its mother start to move on good news or financial result.  I'm aware that the latest quarter earning doesn't look too good.  However, it is still in profit and the bosses bought a big chunk during December month.  The exercise price is 0.60 and the warrant will expired in December 2020.  Still has 9 years for it to show its true color.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Bought Pantech-wa today, 28th February 2011

Despite KLCI closed in the green territory, many counters suffers another selldown today, the last day in February.  The issues in Libya and high oil price remained the top blamed reason for the poor performance by regional markets.

Nevertheless, I continue to take this opportunity to scoop up bargained stock.  This time, I managed to buy some Pantech-wa @ 0.325.  The warrant still has many years before it expired.  There is plenty of time for this warrant to run and in fact, it did had a good run about 2 months ago.  Pantech is potentially one of the beneficiary of the recent O&G sector stimulus announced by Najib recently, which coincides with the time the warrant was issued.  Perhaps the bosses knows something we don't.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

TWS released its final quarter, 4th, result and it's a great one !

Despite KLSE being slaughtered today, quite a number of companies released their quarter earnings with very good result and some, comes with very good dividend.   TWS remained my favourite still.  TWS reported a revenue of 1.5 billion and a net profit of 193 million.  This brings the 4th quarter eps to a whopping 66.51 and the total eps for all 4 quarters comes to an outstanding 165.31, that's RM1.65 for every unit of share out there.  At today's closing price, 7.56 and divided by 165.31, that will gives you a PE of only 4.5 !  In my opinion, this stock is deemed cheap despite its recent run up of almost 100% in the past 3 months.  Oh, I almost forgot to mentioned that its NTA rosed by RM1 to 6.83 since previous quarter.

A whole year quarter earning details :



Year End
Current Year Quarter Current Year To Date
24 Feb 2011 TWS 4th 31 Dec 2010 1,590,845 193,472 66.51 - 5,575,625 482,068 165.31 - 6.8300
2 Dec 2010 TWS 3rd 31 Dec 2010 1,399,534 123,842 42.32 - 3,984,780 288,596 98.90 5.00 5.8200
25 Aug 2010 TWS 2nd 31 Dec 2010 1,285,708 87,498 29.88 5.00 2,585,246 164,754 56.28 5.00 5.4100
31 May 2010 TWS 1st 31 Dec 2010 1,299,538 77,256 26.40 - 1,299,538 77,256 26.40 - 5.2200

Bought Glomac today, 24th February 2011

Another order got matched immediately, Glomac @ 1.72.  In fact, due to network lag, it got double matched, means I bought double the volume of my original intention.  Will try to contra off whenever opportunity arises.

Why Glomac ?
1. Low PE
2. The boss is actively buying
3. Growth

Bought more Pjdev-wc again today, 24th February 2011

Wow, major earthquake in KLSE today.  Huge sell down.  I view it as an opportunity to accumulate.  Pjdev-wc, which I continue to queue from early morning, not thinking it will actually match, eventually got matched after I came out of meeting at 4pm.  Again, I bought more Pjdev-wc at 0.305.  The lowest it hit was 0.295.  Think I have accumulate enough Pjdev-wc for now.

Other major markets are also suffering from the same selldown fate.
Hang Seng -305 (-1.34%)
BSE -447 (-2.46%)
Jakarta -43 (-1.26%)
Nikkei -126 (-1.19%)
STI -27 (-0.90%)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bought more Pjdev-wc today, 23th February 2011

Just bought in more Pjdev-wc @ 0.305, same price as my previous entry.  It got matched when I was away for lunch. 

Just some comment on the KLSE market condition.  A very common question people would ask is why the market go down so much ? Is this a good entry price ? Is this a good price to sell ?

In my humble opinion, we as ordinary people, will not know of the answers for the above questions.  So, the best way to tackle these questions is to use fundamental analysis to reduce our investment risk (all investment comes with risk) and make the best judgment call out of it.  Buy at a price that you are comfortable with and the same goes for decision to sell.  One can never buy at the lowest and sell at the highest.  The most important is the ability to make profit out of it.  After all, our objective of investment is to make profit.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mudajaya Released 4th Quarter Result

Mudajaya just released its 4th quarter result and I must say it's another good quarter for Mudajaya.  Revenue comes in at 230M for current quarter and for the whole year, it generated 869M.  The net income for the quarter came in at 57M, highest reported net income in all 4 quarters, translating to a 13.96 eps.  The annualized eps came in at 50.96.  Very nice.  With today's closing stock price of Mudajaya at 5.12, that equates to about 10x PE and that's a very good number.  Mudajaya is also proposing a 3c dividend for its shareholder.  So more dividend coming soon.

One can expect more companies reporting great result next week.  Might take this opportunity to realize my gain.  I'm excited in the coming weeks, don't you ?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More dividend on its way

MBMR just announced its 4th quarter result with a revenue of 390m and net income of 28.2m.  This translates to 11.64 eps for the 4th quarter.  Its full year eps stands at 58.27c.  At the current price of 3.22, its PE is only 5.5x (the lower the better).

MBMR is giving a total of 8c dividend, tax exempt.  Details as below :

Ex Date : 03/03/2011
Payment Date : 23/03/2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bought Tambun today - 11th Feb 2011

Finally, one of my buy order matched.  Bought Tambun @ 0.705.  The IPO price for Tambun is at 0.70.  The lowest it gets was 0.68.  With low PE and a promising dividend policy, Tambun should be a good investment for medium term.  Enough said, back to monitoring for last few minutes of trading activities to see if I got lucky again.

Edit: Corrected date, should be 11th instead of 10th.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A drastic drop seen in KLSE today. Will it affect you ?

KLSE closed first session in the negative of 15pts.  If you look at the Top Losers, it consists of mostly blue chips and financial stocks.  Most smaller caps stocks only suffers a minor drop and for some, have already regained its losses and tracking into green.

Look at how TWS performed.  There is a huge interest in TWS after the CNY breaks.  It has regained its year high, 8.03.  It is now trading at 7.85 and if you add in the dividend of 20c that went ex-date on 31-Jan-2011, that would equate to 8.05 !  TWS is expected to announce its 4th quarter earnings in early March.  Judging from its recent rally and higher volume traded, one can only expect to see another spectacular quarter earnings.

Touching on PJDEV-WC,  it too has gain significantly, over 20%, since my entry price at 0.305.  There seem to be a strong support at 0.37.  There is still much room for it to continue climb.

Finally, MBMR, she has been in the slumber mode for a while now.  However, she has shown some recent activity of wanting to wake up.  EPF has started acquiring MBMR and that is very positive for all MBMR shareholders.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year !

It's the eve of Chinese New Year and market is open for half-day.  Although market is green, but there is not much volume.  Guess everyone must be away or back home preparing for the reunion dinner.  Let us all enjoy this festival or holiday ! Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bought Pjdev-wc today, 25th January 2011

My order were fully matched at the very last minute of trading today.  Bought in Pjdev-wc @ 0.305.  I have been queuing for at least 2 weeks to finally get it at this price.  Pjdev-wc will only expires in 2020, which means there is plenty of time for it to go up.

KLSE bleed 15pts as at 4:45pm and my shopping begins :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Huayang latest quarterly earning and KLSE pre-CNY correction

Huayang just reports its 3rd quarter earning with a revenue of 49million and a net profit of 7.6million, which gives a 7.11 eps.  This brings the cumulative eps to a total of 17.58 and this is a very good number.  Its NTA continue to rise together with its eps.  In short, the company is growing !  Huayang is getting more and more interest from the public and I believe fund managers as well.  The stock price has not move much but undoubtedly it will, just a matter of time.  Refer to my previous postings on my entry price :)

KLSE suffer the biggest setback since beginning of 2011, a whopping 19pts.  This is a healthy correction and it will gives many investor a good opportunity to take position.  Many believes this is the pre-CNY correction.  Personally, I have been eying a few stocks, some have even queue to buy but couldn't get any matches.  I shall post here as soon as I get any successful matches.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I sold Mitra @ 1.87 today, 17th January 2011

Nice comeback from Mitra after almost a week of profit taking.  Took the opportunity to sell off Mitra @ 1.87.  My entry price for Mitra is 1.20 and had it since April 2010.  About 9 months of holding and it gave me a gross profit of 56% without including dividend.  Another nice gain from my last year entries besides Fajar-wa.

Speaking of profit, look at TWS.  It touches 8.00 this morning and still hovering well at 7.9x.  Based on the current price, my paper gain is now almost 100%.  My best performing stock so far and I'm still holding on to it !

I sold Alam @ 1.18 today, 17th January 2011

After many days of monitoring, I feel it's time I let go Alam and it got matched fully this morning @ 1.18.  My entry price is 1.15, basically in profit territory but I'll just considered it as break-even.

In case you are wondering why I sold my Alam, the main reason is its latest quarter earnings which is a huge disappointment.  Since there is no further announcement on any good news,  I have decided to drop Alam and re-invest into other better fundamental stocks.

Chinese New Year is approaching and historically speaking, there is some mild correction during this festival.  I've been taking profit on some stocks and looking to reinvest them when opportunity arises.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I sold Fajar-wa @ 0.79 today, 10th January 2011

My first transaction in 2011.  My order were fully matched right before the closing of the first session.  Sold my entire holdings of Fajar-wa for 0.79, translating to a gross profit of almost 52%.  My entry price was 0.52 on 23rd August 2010.

Another counter I'm still holding is reaching 50% gross profit as well.  That counter is Mitra.  It recently caught the attention of a few investment institutions, including CIMB which gave it a target price of RM3.30.  Well, I'm not as optimistic as CIMB but nevertheless I'm happy that Mitra's price is surging.