Friday, April 22, 2011

Bought APM today, 22nd April 2011

After many days of queuing to buy, it finally matched ! Bought APM @ 5.00 during the last 15 minutes before market ends for the week.

Why APM ?

- major shareholders has been heavily buying back its shares
- good track of quarterly profit
- attractive PE

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarawak Election Euphoria is Over

April 16th 2011, commonly as 4/16, the Sarawak Election polling day, is now over.  Results is out and BN successfully retains its 2/3 majority.  The week before 4/16, KLSE had a choppy week, with 4 out of 5 days ended in red.  Many speculated that it is tightly linked to the Sarawak Election on 4/16.  Now that it is over and BN once again proven to be the victor, the big question in the investment community will turns to - Will we see a rally on Monday ?

Irregardless of bull or bear in tomorrow's market, we as investors, should always try to focus on investment in fundamentally strong stock.  We should avoid gambling (investment) based on rumours or election euphoria.  In fact, I tried to buy some new stocks on Thurs & Fri but failed to get any, as I see quite a number of stocks in my watchlist has fallen to my target entry price.  Let's see if I get lucky tomorrow.  All the best to investors out there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Manhattan Fish Market Promotion from April 4th - 8th

Just had my dinner at Manhattan Fish Market.  They are having a promotion for just this week, starting from 4th until 8th (Friday) of April.   Fish & Chips only at RM6.99, after tax is about RM8.  I was expecting the portion of the fish & chips to be reduced reflecting the price reduction, but I was totally wrong ! The Fish & Chips were served pretty fast and it's still hot.  The dory fish meat is huge and thick and there's enough chips to fill most people's stomach.  Everyone at the table were full and satisfied with this generous promotion.  I highly recommend you to check it out before the promotion ends.

Details of the promotion can be found here :