Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bought Huayang - 20th October 2011

Huayang surged at the opening, hitting a high of 1.65.  I patiently wait for it to come down a little as market is in the red zone.  My buy order was fully matched by 12pm, 1.62.   With that, I won't get odd lots after the Bonus Issue.

Will be away on vacation for a week.  Hopefully I won't miss much of the opportunities in KLSE.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HuaYang announced 2nd quarter result today - 19th October 2011

One of my best performing counter, Huayang, announced its second quarter result today with a bang.   It made a net profit of 13.9m, up from previous quarter of 11.5m, which is equivalent to 12.87cents per share with a total of 23.50cents per share for both quarters.  At today's closing of 1.60, it's PE is amazingly low.  Based on the assumption of full year earnings at 40cents per share, it would means the PE is just 4x.  The timing of this announcement couldn't be better  for a bonus issue of 3:1 that will go ex on 24th October, just next Monday.

Ever since the bonus issue announcement, I've been trying to top up my Huayang, mainly to avoid getting odd lot but it's getting harder now or I'll have to pay for a higher price after today's earnings announcement.  I'm happy with the spectacular result but also sad at the same time as I have not manage to top up.  To sum it up, Huayang is undoubtedly one of the best property stock which doesn't get much attention from big funds.  The race is on !

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bought Digista today - 18th October 2011

The timing couldn't be better.  Sold off 2 of my stocks yesterday and the market drop 28 points today.  Not wanting to miss the opportunity even though there may me more to come, I have decided to accumulate some Digista @ 0.405.  The price has been hovering between 0.4x for quite some time now and the company is making steady profit.  There is also some rumours that the company is aiming to move from Ace market into Main Board.  Furthermore, the owner and the company itself has been buying its own stock.  With all these good news, the upside potential is there.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sold APM too - 17th October 2011

Sold my APM too, at 4.85.  Volume has been very low for this counter.  Although there are still some buy interest from a major shareholders, especially owners from TanChong, I have decided to move my investment elsewhere.  Another reason is that the past few quarter earnings has also been pretty disappointing.

My entry price for APM is 5.00.   Similar to MBMR, APM declared dividends twice in between my holding period.  Once in April for a dividend of 12cents per share and the other dividend is in September with a dividend of 10cents per share.  With a combined dividend of 22cents per share, I'm actually running at a small gain, but I prefer to assume as breakeven.

Sold MBMR today - 17th October 2011

Finally manage to dispose my MBMR @ 3.00 each.   Unfortunately, it is sold at a minor lost after deducting previous dividend payments.  My average entry price for MBMR back in December 2010 was 3.35.  After some 10 months of holding, the stock price has weaken somewhat by mostly the August plunge.  However, my decision was based on its previous few quarter earnings which in my opinion is a little disappointing, not much of a profit growth, in fact, some profit contraction.

In betweem these months. MBMR declared a 8cents dividend in March and another 6cents in September, which total a 14cents of dividend.  After deducting the dividends, my losses from this stock investment is only approximately 5% which I feel is very minimum.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another dividend received - Glomac

Actually, I received the email notification on October 6th but unable to check my email as I was hospitalized due to high fever for the next one week.  The dividend this time is by Glomac, a final dividend of 5cents per share less 25% income tax.

Shortly after the dividend, the share is subdivided into half, meaning if you own 1 share before the subdivision, you will now have 2 share after the subdivision, which also explains the price goes in half.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My 1st dividend in October - Gunung

Received my first divindend in October yesterday by Gunung.  Gunung gave a dividend of 1cent per share.  This is my 5th dividend in the last 30 days.  More to come.

On a side note, I have decided to skip my quarterly portfolio report as I don't see any point in making this quarter report.  It is expected a heavy negative on the portfolio.