Thursday, December 27, 2012

Received TWS Dividend - 27 December 2012

Today I received the 15cents non taxable dividend from TWS.  After the take over announcement on 24th December, TWS is now trading at 8.91.  I am in consideration of disposing my TWS.  Will post here as soon as I decided to dispose it.  Good luck to all TWS shareholders.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season Greetings

Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all readers a blessed Merry Christmas and may you all have a successful investment in 2012 and years to come.

TWS offered to be privatize

At the end of last Friday's trading, 21 Dec, TWS trading was suspended along with two other sister company, TWS Plantation and Bernas.  Shortly after KLSE closing, TheEdge published an article that the majority shareholder of TWS, Syed Mokhtar intend to merge both sister companies into TWS.

All 3 stocks remained suspended today and the announcement only came up after trading hours of 24 Dec where a general offer of RM9.30 per share to take TWS private.  All 3 stocks will resume trading on 26 December (Wed).

Based on the announcement, I'm certain TWS stock price will jump on Wednesday morning.  My only disappointment is that the offer price fell short of what I had in mind although it is a 20% premium from the Friday's last traded price.

Nevertheless, it is still deemed as a good news to all TWS shareholders who have been hoping for a stock price appreciation.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sold Glomac - 12 December 2012

Today is a special day of the year, 12.12.12.  However, it has no relation to the market performance.
After holding Glomac for 21 months, I have decided to sell off Glomac to increase my cash on hand.  I sold it at 0.82, slightly lower than my entry price.  In that 21 months, I received at least 3 times of dividend, yielding approximately 5% per year.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Received Glomac Dividend - 4th December 2012

It's almost the end of 2012 and today I received the taxable 2.75cents Glomac dividend.  It just reported its 2nd quarter earnings which is slightly higher than previous year's 2nd quarter.   Since the ex-date of the dividend, the share price of Glomac has dropped a few cents but overall is stable.  This stock is definitely good for dividend hunters that are looking for yield higher than Fixed Deposit.  Otherwise, one really needs a lot of patience if one is expecting capital gain.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sold IHH - 19 October 2012

After about 2 weeks, IHH price is pretty stabilizing at 3.19 to 3.20.  Seeing some uncertainty in the market in next couple of months, I have decided to take profit on my IHH which I obtained through IPO.  Profit from the IHH sale is 35c per share, translating to 12.15% gain.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

August & September Dividends

Due to my hectic work schedule, I did not manage to keep up with my postings on the dividends that I received in August.  As such, I'm posting it together as a single post.

This year by far is my best year for dividends. Below is a summary of the dividends received since my last post :

July-16 : Mudajaya - 2.5c Final Dividend Single Tier
Aug-8 : TWS - 25c Final Dividend Single Tier
Aug 15 : Mudajaya - 4c First Interim Dividend Single Tier
Sep 14 : Tambun - 3.8c First and Final Dividend, non taxable
Sep 18 : Huayang - 15c First and Final Dividend, less 25% tax

Among all the above, Huayang has the highest dividend yield and is currently my best performing stock.
On the other hand, TWS first half earnings has dropped significantly which explains the the stock price decline.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

IHH IPO Application - Successful ... at last

After a series of unsuccessful IPO application, my luck finally turn.  IHH debut today in KLSE with a mild gain but slowly gaining momentum on the first half of trading day.  At current price, it represents some 10% of return.  I believe IHH will continue its uptrend and as such, I intend to hold on to it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sold Gunung - 10th July 2012

Decided to sell Gunung today as there is some acitivity on the stock.  Although I sold it at a slight loss, I have gotten several dividend during the holdings.  Essentially, it's break even.  Nevertheless, I feel the upside is limited and decided to take the opportunity to liquidate it while it still has volume.  Sold Gunung at 0.745.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bought Tambun - 5th July 2012

After many months of waiting, I finally bought Tambun @ 0.58 today.  By buying now, I still entitle for the dividend.  I decided to re-enter Tambun due to potential growth on the stock as it is still low in P/E and the boss continues to buy heavily at current price.

Monday, July 2, 2012

3rd Dividend Received in June - Supermax

Received an email notification on the 28th of June that dividend of Supermax has been deposited into my account.  The dividend was declared on 28th of February for a 3.5% tax exempt, translating to a 1.75cent per share.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dividend Received in June

The KLSE has been very resilient against overall market in general.  One can only attribute this to the strong support by EPF for the upcoming General Election.

For the month of June, I received 2 dividends, Gunung and Glomac.  Gunung's single-tier dividend amounted to 1cent per share while Glomac's dividend amount to 2.75 cents per share less 25% tax.

My IPO application for Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad has also failed.  The wait continues...

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Bali Trip, 17 - 22 May

I was in Bali for 6 days 5 nights , from 17th until 22nd May.
My overall trip experience is average at best due to certain reasons.
It's a free-and-easy trip.  I hired my own driver and make our own plans.

Here's the itinerary :

Day 1
Flight from KL to Danpasar Airport (Bali), 3 hours flight.  Touchdown at 6:50pm.
Asked my driver to pick us up from airport.
Had our dinner at Ayam Tulang Lunak, which is pretty good.
Check in to Hotel Febri's.

I booked the driver, Pak Bagus, for 4 days at 350k per day.
Although the driver don't speak English, he's a really good driver.
Unlike other drivers, Pak Bagus has no time limit, number of locations nor request for any additional fee.

Room in Febri's Hotel is quite clean, but it doesn't provide tooth brush/paste.  So bring your own.
The other downside of this hotel is that it is not sound proof.
The location of hotel is quite close to Discovery Mall, about 10 min walk.

Day 2
Checked out from Febri's Hotel after breakfast and head to Ubud.
First location is Gunung Kawi Temple which is about 2.5 hours from Kuta.
Be warned that you have to climb lotsa steps to reach the temple itself.  Rough estimate is about 100 steps of staircase.  Along the way, there are stalls selling knitting clothes which is relative cheap, 20-40K each.  Btw, do take note all entrance fee has gone up since April 2012.  It is now 15k per person for Gunung Kawi Temple.

Next stop at Pura Tirthe Empul, ticket @ 15k per person.  It's another temple which is just 5 minutes away from Gunung Kawi temple.  Here, u can see some people bathing with the holy water and there's a pond filled with lotsa fish.  On the way out, there's a bunch of stalls selling caps, t-shirts and hats.

On the way to Kintamani, we stopped by Alam Bali Kopi Luwak, who is famous for Kopi Luwak. Each small cup costs 50K and well, I think Malaysia's coffee is better.

After another 1 hour of drive, we finally reached Kintamani..
Along the way, there's a police stop asking for money but the driver paid for it.
The weather was hot and we were sweating from all the climbing and walking.
It was a relief to be at Kintamani, which is at the peak of a mountain overseeing a volcano, the wind is cool and refreshing.

One last stop before reaching Ubud town, Tegalalang, a paddy field.  Ticket is priced at 5k per person.
Even though we paid for the entrance fee, we didn't go down as we were all tired and hungry.  It's past 3pm.

We had our late lunch at Nuri's cafe, the famous spare ribs.  It was indeed quite nice.

After Nuri's, we walk a bit around Ubud Royal Palace and surrounding area.
The Ubud Royal Palace is free.

Decided to call it a day as the sky are getting dark although it's only 5pm.
Checked into Junjungan Ubud Hotel & Spa.  The service is extremely good.
It's about 10 min from the Ubud town and the hotel provide free shuttle service to Ubud town.
The room was clean and smells good.  It's definitely a much better hotel than Febri's in Kuta.

After getting ourselves refreshed, we took the hotel's shuttle service to a restaurant in Ubud town for a light dinner at Tropica restaurant.

Day 3
Wake up early in the morning to have our breakfast in the hotel's cafetaria.  We have already pre-ordered from the menu on the previous night.  Again, service is good.  The food taste pretty good as well.  I actually enjoy the breakfast.

At 9am, we depart for Pura Taman Ayun.  Ticket at 15k per person.   It's about 30 min drive from where we stay.  Just walked around the temple as no one is allowed to enter.  There is a small lake at the side of temple.  Other than that, it's just another temple.

Then we moved on to Pura Bedegul.  It's about an hour drive uphill.  The Bedegul Lake (with temple inside) is at the top of the hill.  Yep, a lake at the top of hill, but not as high as Kintamani.  Even so, the scenery and the chill wind blowing at us is a welcome sight.  Ticket is 30k per person.

By then, it's already noon.  We decided to walk opposite Bedegul Lake to try Ayam Taliwang in one of the shop and we regretted it.   I think the more famous Warung Sedap, which is just 10 minutes from Lake Bedegul, is nicer.

We stopped by Candikuning wet market.  Thought we could get some titbits from there, but walk around and couldn't find anything that suits us.   Went back to car empty handed.  By the way, Warung Sedap is just along the road.

Then it's a long drive to Jatiluwih.  Was told it's basically a hill filled with paddy fields.   We stopped at the foothill to have a quick look and decided to give it a pass.  The sky was getting gloomy.

We continue our way to Tanah Lot which is quite a distance away, about 1.5 hour drive.
It was 4pm when we reached Tanah Lot.  The sky clears up a bit, fortunately.  It's still about 1.5 hour before sunset.  So we walk around a bit for shopping.  Loads of stalls here sells hats at a reasonable price, 20-25k after haggling.  Then we finally go in to Tanah Lot.   Ticket is 40k per person, and 5k for car.  There's a long stretch of shops on both sides of walk, selling bunch of stuff.  We focus on finding a good spot to watch sunset.  Then we wait and wait and wait.  Tanah Lot is basically located at the low land, where you can see some big waves splashing on to the shore, which you stand about 30m away.  After some time of waiting, alas, the sun was blocked by some thick clouds while it descend into the horizon.

We decided to take our dinner at Ubud area.  Our driver says it will take 1.5 hour to go back.  Well, we don't know where else to have dinner.  So here comes the fun ride.  The road was dark and narrow.  Yet, there's a bunch of motorcycles who loves to ride in the middle of the road.  The driver patiently waiting for opportunity to overtake these bikers.   I found myself to be wide awake, probably due to the adrenaline rush, hehe, from the way our driver drives.  We manage to reach a restaurant called Bebek Johnny, in just 1 hour.   We were totally amazed at how the driver manage to navigate around the small roads and overtaking those bikers.

The dinner, the most expensive, and the worst in taste in this trip.  We oredered crispy duck, some flying fish and curry chicken.  None taste good and yet very expensive.

Day 4
Had our breakfast in the Junjungan Hotel for one last time.  Check out and leaves Ubud.

Head straight to Sukawati, a place of shopping and haggling.  According to the driver, this place is now stuff with low quality goods.  Clothes, paintings, souvenirs.  Nothing caught my attention.

Moved on to Kuta, some batik producers which also sells some top quality batik.  Very expensive.  Wasted an hour here.

Had our lunch at Mozzarella Cafe, a western-cuisine for a change.  Price and taste is average.  Many says it has awesome service.  Nothing special to me.

Continue with more shopping around Kuta for mostly biscuits and cakes of Bali.  When we are done, we moved on to Discovery Mall.  A high class shopping mall.  It's getting late, 5pm.  There's quite a jam in the city.  Decided to go straight to Jimbaran Bay for our seafood dinner by the beach.

It's about 5:45pm when we reached Jimbaran Bay.  We found Lia's Cafe towards at the end of a stretch of seafood restaurants.  Found a table by the beach and settle in.  You can watch a nice sunset here too.   Our order, 1kg of almost all the seafood, 500g of crab and 500g of clams, a combination of 2 different set.  Total damage is 418k.  Very cheap in my opinion.  Food is all bbq.  It comes with soup, salad and drinks, either coconut or soft drinks.  Enjoy the dinner very much.  When it's dark, table is lighted with candle.  It became candlelight dinner by the beach.  Quite romantic really, especially there's a group of musicians playing and singing some songs.

Went back to Febri's to check-in.   Since I found myself still feeling energetic, I came out to walk around Kuta.  Opposite Febri's, is actually a long stretch of Kuta Beach.  We didn't know the way to the beach actually.   So we walk along the pedestrian walkway, which is very narrow.   Took us 15 minutes to reach Discovery Mall, and another 10 minutes to reach Kuta Square.  By then, all shops is ready to close.  Saw McD selling ice-cream, bought one and enjoyed it hehe.  Then walked back slowly to Febri's.

Day 5

Breakfast in Febri's.  It's a buffet style with limited choice. 

Today we head to Nusa Dua.  Since it's still early, we round Kuta a bit and wasted about an hour in the jam.  Our first stop in Nusa Due is a beach where all the water sports is at, para-sailing, jet-ski, water-ski and turtle watching.  Well, we just watched for a while and left the place for our lunch.

Nothing to shout about on the lunch, some Balinese food in Nusa Dua.  Loads of mosquitoes.

Our driver told us Geger beach is now quite dirty.  So we decided to skip it and I regretted it.  We stopped at Dreamland instead.  Entrance is 15k per car.  Had to take a van down to the beach.  The beach is beautiful and water is clean.  Sands are soft.  A fun place to hang out a while.  It is at this place that I decided to give away my spectacle to the fish.  Stay here for an hour.

Moved on to a Chapel known as Tirtha Uluwatu.  It's an elegant place where couples gets married.  Beautiful place with beautiful scenery but no photo taking allowed.  The package starts from USD3.5k and food is not included.

Then the final destination at Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, another place to watch sunset.  Unlike Tanah Lot, Uluwatu is at the top of a hill.  You can see the huge waves splashes against the wall of the foothill.  It offers a better sight than Tanah Lot.  However, we still didn't manage to watch the complete sunset as it is still blocked by clouds as it descends.   Oh, be wary of the monkeys here.  They will take your things in exchange for food.  The tickets is 20k per person, sarong included.

We thought we still have time, so we went to have a 1 hour body massage at a  place recommended by our driver.  It's a lot more expensive than in Ubud.  Honestly I don't find the massage good.

Had our dinner at a restaurant opposite Febri's, Kunyit Bali Restaurant.  It is relatively expensive and the food doesn't seem to be fresh.  The only thing I like is the crackers it served before the main dish arrives.

Paid the driver with 100k as bonus.  A good driver overall.

Day 6

Packed our stuff.  Had our last breakfast in Bali.  Had an hour to kill before leaving for airport.

Went out to walk again but didn't venture far this time.  Goes thru Discovery Mall to the Kuta Beach and walked back to Febri's.

Took hotel's shuttle to airport.  Remember to keep 150k per person for Bali airport tax.
Home sweet home.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's been several months since my last postings

It's been several months since I posted anything.  The main reason behind is that there is simply no trading activity.  I have been preserving my cash and wait for a good time to go in and also for IPO application.  Most recently, I applied for PBSTech but failed to get any.  I'm now trying my luck on Gas Malaysia.

The past 2 weeks has been quite interesting on the market.  Worldwide stock market has been falling, mainly due to concern on Greece exiting EU.  I'm once again actively monitoring the market for potential entries.

Touching a little on the share I'm holding, HuaYang just reported another awesome quarter and I saw a 15c dividend but no official announcement yet.  That is almost a 10% div yield ! HuaYang is seriously an awesome growth stock.

On the other hand, TWS reported a weak quarter and hence the punishment on the stock price.  I believe it is still a good stock and I'm considering on toppiing up.  TWS proposed a 30c div but has yet to announced the date.

Monday, February 20, 2012

EPF declares 6% dividend payout

Quote from TheStar (link) :

PETALING JAYA: The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Board has declared a dividend of 6% for 2011 the highest in the last 10 years.

In a statement yesterday, EPF said the dividend, an increase of 20 basis points over the 5.8% paid out in 2010, translates to RM24.47bil being distributed to its members.

“2011 marks another commendable achievement for the EPF.

“Despite the challenging investment landscape, it was the strongest performance since 2001 that affirms our long term and prudent investment strategy combined with continuous efforts by our investment team,” said EPF chairman Tan Sri Samsudin Osman.

The dividend payout of the RM24.47bil was derived after deducting net impairment allowance on financial assets, investment expenses, operating expenditures, statutory charges and dividend on withdrawals, representing an increase of 13.23% compared to RM21.61bil recorded in 2010.

EPF also posted a gross investment income of RM27.24bil up 13.18% from 2010.

As of Dec 31 last year, EPF's total investment assets continued to register a healthy growth of 6.52% to RM469.22bil from RM440.52bil recorded in the previous year.

“This rise was primarily contributed by the positive net annual contributions from members and employers, and consistent and encouraging investment performance,” it added.

EPF said it continued to invest the bulk of its investment assets, which is 60.79%, including in equities, which represented 35.64% of total assets.

Equities were the largest income contributor at RM13.29bil representing 48.81% of total investment income.

“This is followed by loans and bonds, Malaysian government securities and money market instruments which contributed RM7.54bil, RM5.63bil and RM656.36mil respectively,” it said.

Samsudin said that while the EPF could not guarantee that it could maintain this performance amid the global economic and market uncertainties, it was committed to safeguarding and adding value to members' retirement savings, particularly against inflation.

Members may check their EPF Account Statements for the crediting of the 2011 dividend, either through EPF Kiosks, counters or i-Akaun from today.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sold MBSB-WA this morning, 3rd February 2012

I have just sold my mbsb-wa @ 1.30 for a handsome 84% profit.  It has gone beyond my target price, as such, I'm pretty happy with how it ends.  My average entry price was at 0.705.  The market has been bullish since end of last year up until now.  I intend to take the opportunity to realize my profit and wait for the next opportunity to enter the market.  The objective now is to raise capital and be ready for the day to come.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

MBSB just released its 4th quarter report

MBSB, a shining star in my portfolio, has been rising steadily for the last 2 months, has just announced its 4th quarter earnings.  I must say, however, it came below my expectation.  Nevertheless, it is still a profitable quarter, 347 millions in revenue with a net profit of 83.8millions, translating to an eps of 8.35cents.  The annualized eps came in at 32.42 cents.  It is a great year for MBSB for its net profit tripled.   The stock traded 2.23 at closing today, which is equivalent to PE of 6.88.

The company also proposed a final dividend of 7cents less 25% tax.

Overall, despite it came under my expectation, it is still a good quarter for MBSB.   Tomorrow's opening hour will be closely watch by me.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Chai - Welcoming the Year of the Dragon

The last 30 days has been filled with much festive mood, going from Christmas, to New Year and now Chinese New Year.  The overall market has been pretty upbeat as well with Dow Jones reaching 12,500 points while KLSE staying above 1500.  The quarter earnings release month has also just started.

Just released last night, HuaYang did it again with another fantastic quarter.  The stock price has been steadily on the uptrend since it has received a Buy call from investment banks.  I am still holding dearly to my HuaYang.

Another stock that has been rising rapidly is MBSB.  My current paper gain on the stock, MBSB-WA, has surpassed the 50% mark.  MBSB is due to release its quarter earnings in February.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Holidays.  Drive safely and be a good investor.  HUAT AH !

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Portfolio Performance as of Q4 2011

First of, Happy New Year to everyone.  I know there is not a lot of activity in my blog lately, but that's because there hasn't been any trading activity recently.  So here it is, my portfolio performance for year 2011 (as of 31st December 2011)

Stock Purchase Date Selling Date Purchase Price Selling Price Current Price % Gain/Loss
Mitra 26-Apr-10 17-Jan-11 1.20 1.87   55.83
Bjcorp 18-Aug-10 25-May-11 1.03 1.17   13.59
Fajar-wa 25-Aug-10 10-Jan-11 0.52 0.79   51.92
Mudajaya 27-Aug-10   3.075*   2.19 -28.78
Mudajaya 13-Jul-11   3.345*   2.19 -34.53
Supermx 17-Sep-10   4.305   3.83 -11.03
Alam 23-Nov-10 17-Jan-11 1.15 1.18   2.6
Tws 23-Nov-10   3.97   10.04 152.9
Tws 22-Aug-11   9.09   10.04 10.45
P&O 1-Dec-10 2-Dec-11 0.775 0.79   1.94
Huayang 1-Dec-10   0.7125*   1.18 65.61
Huayang 20-Oct-11   1.215*   1.18 -2.88
Mbmr 22-Dec-10 17-Oct-11 3.35 3.00   -10.45
Gunung 23-Dec-10   0.765   0.65 -15.03
Pjdev-wc 25-Jan-11   0.305   0.21 -31.15
Tambun 11-Feb-11 11-Aug-11 0.705 0.67   -4.96
Glomac 24-Feb-11   0.86   0.80 -6.98
Pantech-wa 28-Feb-11   0.325   0.20 -38.46
APM 22-Apr-11 17-Oct-11 5.00 4.85   -3.00
Armada 21-Jul-11 5-Aug-11 3.03 4.00   32.01
Mbsb-wa 5-Aug-11   0.705   0.91 29.08
Digista 18-Oct-11   0.405   0.44 8.64

HuaYang :
Due to Bonus Issue of 3:1,  the entry price has been adjusted to reflect the after bonus issue price.   I intentionally split Huayang into two entries to better reflect on my portfolio performance.

Comments :
Despite many heavy losses (high percentage) on several investment I made earlier, the fundamental aspect of it remained intact.  As such, I will continue to hold on those shares.  Towards the second half of the year, I have disposed off several stocks mainly due to weakening of earnings and also to raise capital.  Overall, I still made a handsome profit for the year 2011 and aiming higher for year 2012.