Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bought Pjdev-wc today, 25th January 2011

My order were fully matched at the very last minute of trading today.  Bought in Pjdev-wc @ 0.305.  I have been queuing for at least 2 weeks to finally get it at this price.  Pjdev-wc will only expires in 2020, which means there is plenty of time for it to go up.

KLSE bleed 15pts as at 4:45pm and my shopping begins :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Huayang latest quarterly earning and KLSE pre-CNY correction

Huayang just reports its 3rd quarter earning with a revenue of 49million and a net profit of 7.6million, which gives a 7.11 eps.  This brings the cumulative eps to a total of 17.58 and this is a very good number.  Its NTA continue to rise together with its eps.  In short, the company is growing !  Huayang is getting more and more interest from the public and I believe fund managers as well.  The stock price has not move much but undoubtedly it will, just a matter of time.  Refer to my previous postings on my entry price :)

KLSE suffer the biggest setback since beginning of 2011, a whopping 19pts.  This is a healthy correction and it will gives many investor a good opportunity to take position.  Many believes this is the pre-CNY correction.  Personally, I have been eying a few stocks, some have even queue to buy but couldn't get any matches.  I shall post here as soon as I get any successful matches.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I sold Mitra @ 1.87 today, 17th January 2011

Nice comeback from Mitra after almost a week of profit taking.  Took the opportunity to sell off Mitra @ 1.87.  My entry price for Mitra is 1.20 and had it since April 2010.  About 9 months of holding and it gave me a gross profit of 56% without including dividend.  Another nice gain from my last year entries besides Fajar-wa.

Speaking of profit, look at TWS.  It touches 8.00 this morning and still hovering well at 7.9x.  Based on the current price, my paper gain is now almost 100%.  My best performing stock so far and I'm still holding on to it !

I sold Alam @ 1.18 today, 17th January 2011

After many days of monitoring, I feel it's time I let go Alam and it got matched fully this morning @ 1.18.  My entry price is 1.15, basically in profit territory but I'll just considered it as break-even.

In case you are wondering why I sold my Alam, the main reason is its latest quarter earnings which is a huge disappointment.  Since there is no further announcement on any good news,  I have decided to drop Alam and re-invest into other better fundamental stocks.

Chinese New Year is approaching and historically speaking, there is some mild correction during this festival.  I've been taking profit on some stocks and looking to reinvest them when opportunity arises.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I sold Fajar-wa @ 0.79 today, 10th January 2011

My first transaction in 2011.  My order were fully matched right before the closing of the first session.  Sold my entire holdings of Fajar-wa for 0.79, translating to a gross profit of almost 52%.  My entry price was 0.52 on 23rd August 2010.

Another counter I'm still holding is reaching 50% gross profit as well.  That counter is Mitra.  It recently caught the attention of a few investment institutions, including CIMB which gave it a target price of RM3.30.  Well, I'm not as optimistic as CIMB but nevertheless I'm happy that Mitra's price is surging.