Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Summary and Happy New Year !

Yesterday was the last trading day in KLSE since our PM announced 31st December 2010 is a public holiday. Below is a summary of my portfolio performance which I covered since the beginning of this blog.

Stock Purchase Date Selling Date Purchase Price Selling Price Current Price % Gain/Loss
Kfima 12-Jun-09 22-Sep-10 0.695 1.15
Maxis 19-Nov-09 14-Sep-10 4.75 5.405
Scomimr 23-Dec-09 20-Dec-10 0.4375 0.585
Mitra 26-Apr-10
1.21 0.83
Insas 12-Aug-10 14-Dec-10 0.5 0.57
Bjcorp 18-Aug-10
1.09 5.83
Fajar-wa 25-Aug-10
0.755 45.19
Mudajaya 27-Aug-10
4.4 7.32
Supermx 17-Sep-10
4.03 -6.39
Alam 23-Nov-10
1.00 -13.04
Tws 23-Nov-10
6.72 69.27
P&O 1-Dec-10
0.9 16.13
Huayang 1-Dec-10
0.99 4.21
Mbmr 22-Dec-10
3.36 0.30
Gunung 23-Dec-10
0.805 5.23

* The above did not include dividend payout

Happy New Year !

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bought more MBMR today - 23rd December 2010

At the very last 20 minutes before KLSE closed, I punched in a queue to buy for MBMR @ 3.34. Yes, I intend to accumulate more of this stock as the fundamental of this stock is too strong for it not to go up. I didn't manage to check my order status until I reached home and found out my order were fully matched !

TWS continue to rally today and I'm still holding it tight. Today's surprise is Adventa, which hit a limit-up. There's a rumour in circulation that there might be a possible buyout by another company. Unfortunately, Supermx failed to hold on to its gain. Nevertheless, if the rumours turns out to be true, we can expect to see a rally in rubber sector, which Supermx will eventually stand to benefit from.

Bought Gunung today - 23rd December 2010

Just bought Gunung @ 0.765. One of the major shareholder of Gunung has been buying constantly in quite a sizable quantity. Moreover, the latest quarterly earning is extremely good. Although I did not dived into the details, the strong support by the owner gave me a good impression on the growth potential of Gunung.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bought MBMR today - 22nd December 2010

After many days of queuing to buy, my queue finally matched at 3.36. MBMR which involved in car manufacturing has a steady profit and lately been a hot stock as it was covered by several famous bloggers.

There is also a rumour on Bonus Issue that will happened very soon. Seeing the growth potential in this company, I feel it's a safe investment.

Also in the last couple of days, TWS and Mudajaya continue to gain ground. TWS is almost unstoppable. Its stock price continue to climb, reaching a high of 6.50 today. Cheers to those who bought in TWS together with me.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sold Scomimr @ 0.585 today - 20th December 2010

Just sold all my holdings on Scomi Marine (scomimr) @ 0.585. My average entry price is at 0.445. Thus, my gross profit is 31%. In case you are wondering when I first bought my Scomimr, it's almost exactly a year ago, 23rd December 2009.

The rally of Scomimr recently is mainly driven by the sales of its 4 main business that raised some RM585M in cash. Earlier this year, there is an article speculating that Scomimr may purchase a new business or return the cash in hand to investor in the form of capital repayment.

Nevertheless, I've achieved my intended target for this stock and I feel it's time for me to reinvest into another potential stock. Stay tune for my next purchase !

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sold Insas @ 0.57 today - 14th December 2010

I just sold my Insas @ 0.57, which I hold since 12th August 2010. Seeing the upside is pretty limited despite the increased volume and share buybacks, I decided to take profit on Insas and reinvest in another counter. The gross profit from Insas stood at 14%.

Touching a little on TWS. Since my entry on TWS last month, it has risen rapidly and hitting a high of 5.80. I'm still holding on this stock as I feel there is still much upside and good earnings to come.

On the NYSE, my Citigroup (C) is doing very well too. It has surpassed 4.80. Sweet !

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bought Huayang yesterday - 1st Dec 2010

Haha, I didn't realize my order for Huayang matched at the very last minute.  Matched Huayang @ 0.95.  Recently Huayang had a Bonus Issue exercise and since then this counter has dropped to below 1.00.  The PE remains low and its earnings looks stable.  This counter has potential for growth in my humble opinion.

KNM gone thru a consolidation of 4:1, meaning if you have 4000 units of KNM before today, it will become 1000 unit from today onwards.  The stock price reflects its consolidation by opening at 2.08 this morning (0.52 x 4).

TWS continue to gain in stock price.  There is still plenty of room to go up. Hold !

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bought P&O today - 1st Dec 2010

P&O, a company that was in the talk of being acquired by a foreign insurance company but later cancel, has come down quite significantly since the days of talk being acquired.  Seeing that it has dropped and the big boss in P&O is buying in bulk once more, my senses is telling me that something is cooking.  Maybe another potential buyer is bidding on the company once more.  Let's see how it goes.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention my entry price, which is 0.775.

TWS is shooting up nicely after the superb quarterly earning annoucement last night.  A few plantation stocks is on the move.  The same goes for KSENG, which is also after quarterly announcement and Bonus Issue.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What happen to SUPERMX & MUDAJYA

Touch a bit on the 2 counters I'm still holding on to, Supermx and Mudajaya.  I'm aware Supermx reported a drop in this recent quarter which was reflected in its stock price selldown of late.  The good news is that Supermx managed to regain its losses and hovers around 4.50 even though there were some selling activities by EPF.  The potential of growth is still there.  I'm not worried about Supermx.

On the other hand, Mudajaya seem to be weakening of late, dropping below my entry price.  Interest in the counter seem to have dwindled after the SEC probing incident.  But that's alright.  I don't foresee it to continue drop much further from my entry price.  Still holding on to my Mudajaya.

Bought TWS today - 23rd Nov 2010

Aha, double matches today.  Earlier today, I bought in on Alam.  Towards the closing of KLSE market, I managed to get TWS @ 3.97.

Why TWS ?

For the past 2 quarter earnings, TWS reported a 600% increased profits.  In addition to that, just few days back, TWS Plantation reported equal increases in profits for this quarter.  Since TWS has a substantial stake in TWSPLNT, my prediction is that TWS will report an equivalent profit for this quarter in next few days.  Based on FA, the PE for TWS is somewhere around 5 or even lower if TWS continue to report superb quarter earnings.  Hence, there's plenty of room for TWS stock price continue to climb.

The only downside is its low trading volume.  This is probably due to its low floating shares.

Bought Alam today - 23rd Nov 2010

It's been a while since I last posted something here.  Well, for the past 2 months, I used my remaining capital to apply for the 2 major IPOs, MHB and Petronas Chemical.  Sadly, both were unsuccessful for me.  This is the main reason for my absence.

Since then, I've been eying on few counters.  Several attempts made to buy those counters at my target price but none were matched until today.  Practically entire regional market were down today.  Took this opportunity to enter Alam @ 1.15.  It ended at 1.12.   KLSE was down 15 pts today.  Could this be the beginning of a correction ?

Do note that today sell down could also be attributed by the news that North Korean fired artillery shells on to South Korean and 1 casualty were reported.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I sold Kfima today, 6th October 2010

I bought Kfima somewhere in the middle of last year.  It's a very strong fundamental share.  Ever since I had this counter in my portfolio, I have received several times of dividend payout.  In case you are wondering why I decided to sell it, well, for one, it's been over a year since I had this counter and second, it's about I raised some capital for some new potential entries in near future.

I sold my Kfima at 1.15.  Bought in at below 0.70.  That translate to about over 65% gain, excluding dividend. This is the beauty of fundamental stocks and patience.

Also, I have 2 of the counters in today's Top 10 Gainers. Hooray ! Specifically, Mudajaya and Supermx.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I bought more Supermx today, 23th September 2010

Today is a red day for KLSE, a day after Mooncake/Lantern Festival.  Majority of the stocks under my radar experienced a mild panic-selling activity.  This includes Mudajaya and Supermx, which touches 4.10 and 4.00 respectively.  When everyone starts selling, especially a panic selling is detected or majority of public is in selling mode, it's a great opportunity to buy in on those solid fundamental stock.  Hence, I decided to buy more Supermx today at 4:04.  My current average price for Supermx now stood at (4.57 + 4.04 ) / 2 = 4.305.

EPF is still on continually acquiring more of Supermx in the last few days even though the rubber sector sentiment is dropping.  Many investment house are reducing their target price for the major players in rubber sector.  Nonetheless, I'm still not worried.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I bought Supermx today, 17th September 2010

I've been eyeing on a few rubber counters for a while now.  Finally decided to buy in on Supermx @ 4.57.  Noticed EPF started accumulating on this counter as well.  In case you are wondering why I picked Supermx over the rest, well, in my opinion, Supermx has a better chance of getting a higher return in a shorter term.  It has dropped some RM1.00 ever since bonus issue ex-date.  Furthermore, there are many analysts who favors Supermx more, which translates to better support on the stock.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some comments on Mudajaya

There is an unconfirmed news that SC has completed its probe on Mudajaya for the poison letter, with no penalty or any wrong-doing.  The news came out on the day Mudajaya jumped from below 4.00 to 4.4x.  Since then, it fluctuates between 4.3x and 4.50.  This is a very good sign of good support at around that price range.

In addition to that, in the last few transaction days, there were more acquisition activity by major shareholders on the company shares.  Looks like upside is imminent.  Cheers !

I sold Maxis @ 5.42, 14th September 2010

Today is the ex-date for Maxis dividend and decides it's time to raise some capital for other potential counter that has a higher % growth potential.  I begin to queue to sell at 5.38 at around 10am but Maxis were mostly transacted at 5.35.

At the last 20minutes of market trading, around 4:40pm, I started to notice something odd is happening with Maxis.  My screen kept blinking with a buy-q vs sell-q of 5.36 / 5.42 but no transanction were done.  Quickly called my remisier and was told that Maxis had a stop-trading order for 10minutes.  At 4:50pm, Maxis is back to open market trading with a huge transaction done at 5.42.  Hence, my Maxis was sold at 5.42 instead of my original queue-to-sell price at 5.38.  Overall, I'm happy :)

Oh, looks like KLCI is going for 1500 before Malaysia Day.  Will it achieve the goal ? Let's see tomorrow.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Market start with a bang in September

Nice rally from the DJ on the first day of the month.  Even Citigroup (C) goes back to above 3.80.  The same goes for many other stocks in DJ.  Apple (AAPL) has been rising steadily in anticipation of a new product launch and finally it was announced yesterday, an improved Apple TV box-set.

As for KLSE, nice gain on the index but majority turned lower on the first day.  However, we see some reversal and nice gains on quite a number of counters in KLSE.  JCY registered an almost 20% gain after dropping from 1.7x to just 0.90.  Mudajaya didn't join the rally unfortunately.

Will the rally continues tonight ? Let's find out together.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DJ weakening, at 10,000 mark

After 1 day rally, DJ is back to bearish.  Once again, it is touching the psychological 10,000 mark towards the end of the trading day.  Citigroup (C) too is back to below 3.70.  Time to accumulate more capital and invest.

As for KLSE,  Maxis just announced a 1 billion net profit and giving 8 sen dividend.  The surprise is the sales of over 44,000 lots at the very end of trading day, pushing the price down by 7cents.   Wonder what's at play here.

Kfima too announced a 5cents dividend.  The stock price remain steady at around 1.16 - 1.20. A nice share to hold for long term.  I am still holding my Kfima and has been for over a year now.

Finally, Happy Holiday to all Malaysians !

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bought Mudajaya today - 27 Aug 2010

Mudajaya, a company that its share plunged from a high of 6.00 mainly due to the probe by SC, caught my attention when it hits below 4.00.  Having a good support at the range of 4.06 to 4.20, I decided to queue to buy some and finally got it today at 4.10.  It's been a few weeks since the company was probed by SC and no news released so far.  As the saying goes, no news is good news.  At the same time, there were some major shareholders who acquired some good quantity of shares too.  The latest quarter earnings released just days ago and it looks really good.  With all of these factors put into consideration, I'm confident Mudajaya can move back into the range of 5+.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good opportunity to be part of Citigroup (C) shareholders

DJIA fell below 10,000 points briefly in the early trading day and ended with a small positive gain.  Even though the DJ managed to close green, the market is still very bearish.

Citigroup (C) closed at 3.68, which is a pretty good entry price.  My entry price was 3.82 and I'm holding it tight.  I have full confidence in C that I will make some pretty nice gain within a year.  Bear in mind, I'm not alone in this.  Many fund managers are also buying into C in huge volume.  If these billion-dollar investor are not worried, why should I ?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bought Fajar-WA today, Aug 25 2010

Today's KLSE experienced a semi panic selldown.  This is the time I want to buy or accumulate.  There are so many attractive counters, but I only got myself Fajar-wa @ 0.52.  If the market continue to be in panic selling mode, I will most likely accumulate more, either in those that I have bought or some other counters that have hit my target buying price.  The market suddenly looked so yummy !

Also, the top 30 blue chip that determines the KLCI did not perform its magic.  Many counters seemed to recover quite a bit after 4pm.  Overall, an exciting day for me.  What about you ? Oh yes, this is another benefit of investment using Fundamental Analysis (FA) method, able to sleep in peace at night, sometimes with a smile.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Funny KLCI

Sometimes I feel today's KLCI, which is based on top 30 stock in Malaysia, is a big joke.  A single fund, namely EPF, is able to control KLCI on a long term basis.  Imagine what George Soros can do to KLCI should he decide to play with KLSE.  Instantly, he becomes the market maker of KLSE.

Apart from the ridiculous KLCI, today's top performer, LayHong, is an egg producer.  QL decides to buy a stake in it.  Personally, I have no interest in egg business.  Another stock that is closely linked to LayHong is London Biscuit.  Lately it is gaining popularity among many investors.  The stock price is relatively stable but it's not under my radar.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Which is better ? Fixed Deposit Interest vs Dividend Play in Stock Market

I believe majority of stock market investors would agree with me that one will earn more income by going the dividend play approach in Stock Market.  Possibly 6% or higher per annum in comparison to a mere 3% from FD interest.  Among the most popular high dividend yield stock are YTL Power, Public Bank and LPI.  Not only will the investor benefit from its high dividend yield, but also the stock appreciation in value.  On average, one can be assured of an average of 10% annual return, unless there is a global crisis or recession taking place during the year.  No doubt FD is almost risk-free, but some wisdom and patience, I feel taking a little more risk for an almost triple the returns is justifiable. 

As for myself, I love taking risks, which sometimes is not a good thing.  I hate to invest in something which does not seem to move for a long period of time.  I find them to be too boring for my taste.  A moderate risk is my type where I can feel the price movement in 3-6 months time frame for a 10% to 20% gain.  Let's hope my risk appetite pays off.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bought Citigroup (C) - 19 Aug 2010

Finally, the long awaited Citigroup (C) fell to my target buying price, 3.82.  It ended 3.79 though, but one must have a target or else one will never be able to buy anything.  I've been targeting C for quite some time now but was forced to continually raise my target price in order to match my buying queue.  Nevertheless, I'm still happy that I finally own C !

KLSE remained very stubborn in terms of index.  Most foreign stock exchange were experiencing correction but not KLSE.  However, even though the KLCI is up quite a bit for the week, many counters do not share the same direction.  Could this be a window dressing for the upcoming Hari Raya festivals ?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bought BJCorp today - 18 Aug 2010

Finally, after a week long of queuing to buy BJCorp, it has finally matched @ 1.03.  There is a strong support at 1.03.  There is little downside risks in my humble opinion.  Goldman Sachs has a big stake in BJCorp and so does the owner himself, Vincent Tan.  Doubt they will let it fail.

I'm still looking at a few other counters.  Will post here if I manage to get in.

Talk a bit on overall KLSE market.  The Genting effect is starting to wear off.  It's T+3 day after all.  Supermx suffers a 21c, ending at 5.51.  The rubber sector seemed to have cool off.  The rise in Ringgit currency has affected in the rubber companies bottomline.  Even though Hartalega (Harta) is announcing a bonus issue of 2:1 and a dividend of 5c, the stock remained relatively expensive to enter now.  It's out of my radar at the moment.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Genting led KLSE to win again

Genting surged over RM1.00 in just 2 trading days. It's amazing how the KLCI is so dependent on the top 30 blue chips in KLSE.  The rest of counters could be having free fall but all that's needed is a few top heavy weighted counters to go up slightly, it will pull the index to green, at times very green.  KLCI is such a lousy market sentiment indicator since the change, unless of course you are purely a blue chip investor.

It's interesting to note that Genting SP is getting a Target Price (TP) of SGD2.00.  Nice but I have no position in it unfortunately.  Gratz to those Genting loyal investors.

However, INSAS is up by 0.01 today.  KFIMA did well today too.  It's trying hard to break 1.20.  Didn't manage to get anything new today though.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Talk about food. Hey, it's weekend !

It's almost the end of this weekend.  Decided to go have a nice meal.  Went to try El Mondo at E-Gate.  Ordered a Seafood Pizza.  Waited about 20 minutes before it's served.  Although the pizza served right after it came out of the oven as it's very hot, but I find the taste to be below par.  For the price I pay for it, I'd say it's pricey.

Apart from food, this weekend is a drama-series weekend for me and my girlfriend.  This is the first time I followed a Taiwan series for a long time.  The title is SweetHeart 海派甜心, another romantic and love conflict drama but it was portrayed in a funny way which how it got my interest.  Finally finished the series today and overall i'll give it a thumbs up.  The series also premier a few nice songs which I'm listening to it now. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th but a good day for KLSE

Today is the black Friday but KLSE seem to be benefiting from it.  Primarily driven by Genting, the top gainer of the day, a whopping 6% gain, due to Genting Singapore released of a very nice quarter earnings.  KLSE ended up 10pts today.

Insas gained 1cent today with a moderate volume, ending at 0.51.  It's still looking good.  Have to wait until next week before I can move into other counters.  Still hopeful for another 1 or 2 days of bargain hunting next week.

Kumpulan Fima (KFIMA), one of the counter that I hold since last year, seems to be surging of late.  This is one of my best performance counter.  Surpassing 80% gain since I bought it and not rushing into selling it.  Potential for growth is still very much there.  Low PE with steady profit.

Let's see how well DJ perform tonight.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bought INSAS - Aug-12-2010

Today KLSE suffers a 10 points drop in the morning, most counters were down then.  However, it managed to recovered quite a bit to end slightly in the red.

I queued to buy on several counters but only managed to get one of them.  So close on the rest.
The only one I got was INSAS @ 0.50.  It's for short term play, but not contra.

I'm hoping for another bargain hunting day tomorrow.

DJ down by a whopping 265 points

Wow, DJ plunged 265 points last night.  Many financial stocks fell between 3% to 5%.  Looks like a good opportunity to do some hunting tonight.  Same goes for KLSE.  Finally I might be able to pick up something today.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DJ down but manage to recover from its low

Last night drop at the opening bell of DJ signals a cautious market towards the economic outlook.  Nevertheless, DJ manage a pretty good recovery from its dip in the early hours.

There are several counters that i'm eyeing and hoping it reaches my target entry price.  I will blog it up when i make a position on those companies.

KLSE didn't do so well in the morning.  However, the current trend seems to be pointing at Red chips, China shoemaker companies.  Xinquan had a very nice stock price increased.  Now seems to be Multi Sports (MSPORTS) turn.  It gained some 10% from it's opening price yesterday and another 10% from today's opening price as at the end of morning session.  The question is do you dare to gamble on it ?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My first post

Hi Everyone !
I've been in stock market investment for almost a decade now.  I had to admit that I had a rough start, quite a sumful lesson fee I must say.  I never give up though.  The interest is there and I still aim to earn extra cash from the market.  So here I am and see if I'm able to make some profit by end of 2010.

Some facts about me.  I have never attended any formal training in investment.  I learned through mostly experience and reading.  I heavily rely on Fundamental Analysis (FA) method.  Technical Analysis (TA) method is just not my type.

More facts about me.  I suffers from a condition which commonly known as Retinitis Pigmentosa.  It's basically an eye condition whereby I will become blind as I age.  Hence, the need to earn extra cash now and saving for that day is crucial for me.

That's all I have to say for now.  Wish me luck in my quest to earn some extra income from the local market.