Monday, August 22, 2011

Bought TWS - 22nd August 2011

Despite a moderate drop in KLCI today, the stocks that I would like to accumulate did not follow.  TWS dropped to 8.90 in the early morning but quickly regained its losses and moved into green territory.  In fact, TWS volume is quite significant for today if one compared with its historical volume.  Seeing TWSPLNT just reported another excellent quarter last week, I believe TWS is likely to post a similar performing result as well.
With that in mind, I decided to top up my TWS @ 9.09.  TWS quarter report should be out very soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bought more MBSB-WA, 19th August 2011

The early morning DJIA plunge of 400+pts did not truly reflect in today's KLSE first session.  Despite the index  drop by 18pts, there is no sign of panic selling.  In fact, there are quite a lot of buying activities.  I think investors are disappointed and had to settle for a small discount.

Without knowing the market direction, I decided to top up my MBSB-WA @ 0.65, and that brings my entry price to 0.695.  The MBSB fundamental are strong and the last 2 quarters registered strong growth in earnings.  If MBSB continue to report strong earnings in next quarter, the stock price are bound to surge.

Another comment I wish to make is that I do not usually like the idea of posting market news and sentiment.  Those are all reasons, excuses and after effects to the market.  If a stock is fundamentally strong, whatever losses from the stock price will rebound back easily when the stock market recovers.  This is actually a good time for me to reflect and make adjustment or swapping to enhance my stock portfolio.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sold Armada, 12th August 2011

I have just sold the remains of my Armada stock @ 3.99.  The previous batch was sold at 4.00.  This translate to a profit of 96.5cents per share or a gain of 31.85%.

The recent drastic swing in daily index gives many opportunities for traders to readjust their portfolio and I intend to take full advantage of that.  It is also a great time for some accumulation of oversold counters which has strong fundamentals.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dividend received in the month of July

I received 4 dividends at the end of July.  They are TWS, SuperMax and Mudajaya twice.  The double dividend from Mudajaya were for both the Final Dividend 15% Single Tier and First Interim Dividend 15% Single Tier.  All of the dividends received above are tax exempt except for TWS which has a 25% tax deduction.

The TWS dividend is from Final Dividend of 20cents before tax or 15cents after tax while the Supermx dividend is from Final Dividend of 5%.

Edit : Made a correction on TWS final dividend where it is 25% tax deduction.

Sold Tambun, 11th August 2011

I have just sold off all my holdings on Tambun @ 0.67.  Today is also the ex-date for its 4.6c dividend, which is the reason why the stock price adjustment from yesterday closing of 0.72.  If including the dividend, I still make a small profit, a mere 2%, out of Tambun.  Without the dividend, it is at a loss of 5%.  However, the main reason I realized (sold) my small profit on Tambun is that I believe I can get a better ROI by swapping into other stocks.  Yes, I intend to do swapping and as such, I will be hunting for a bargain.

The 4.6c dividend will be paid out on 7th Sep 2011.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bought MBSB-WA - 5th August 2011

The selling pressure continues.  Took the opportunity to buy in MBSB-WA @ 0.74.  The warrant will expire in 2016, still about 5 years away.  The mother share, MBSB, just reported a very strong quarter earnings.  The PE is very low.  If MBSB continues to report such strong quarters, the share will definitely continue to surge.

Sold Armada today, 5th August 2011

The DJ suffers a whopping 512points last night.  This causes a panic selling across Asia region, including KLSE.  Major players including Hang Seng and Nikkei suffers between 3% to 4% plunge in the first half of trading session.  On the other hand, KLSE performed better in comparison with other regional markets.

Every plunge is an opportunity, in my opinion.  Trying to take advantage of the discounted price, I have to decided to sell off half of my Armada holding at 4.00.  The afternoon session is about to start.  Let's see if I managed to catch any good stock at a bargain price.