Thursday, September 23, 2010

I bought more Supermx today, 23th September 2010

Today is a red day for KLSE, a day after Mooncake/Lantern Festival.  Majority of the stocks under my radar experienced a mild panic-selling activity.  This includes Mudajaya and Supermx, which touches 4.10 and 4.00 respectively.  When everyone starts selling, especially a panic selling is detected or majority of public is in selling mode, it's a great opportunity to buy in on those solid fundamental stock.  Hence, I decided to buy more Supermx today at 4:04.  My current average price for Supermx now stood at (4.57 + 4.04 ) / 2 = 4.305.

EPF is still on continually acquiring more of Supermx in the last few days even though the rubber sector sentiment is dropping.  Many investment house are reducing their target price for the major players in rubber sector.  Nonetheless, I'm still not worried.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I bought Supermx today, 17th September 2010

I've been eyeing on a few rubber counters for a while now.  Finally decided to buy in on Supermx @ 4.57.  Noticed EPF started accumulating on this counter as well.  In case you are wondering why I picked Supermx over the rest, well, in my opinion, Supermx has a better chance of getting a higher return in a shorter term.  It has dropped some RM1.00 ever since bonus issue ex-date.  Furthermore, there are many analysts who favors Supermx more, which translates to better support on the stock.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some comments on Mudajaya

There is an unconfirmed news that SC has completed its probe on Mudajaya for the poison letter, with no penalty or any wrong-doing.  The news came out on the day Mudajaya jumped from below 4.00 to 4.4x.  Since then, it fluctuates between 4.3x and 4.50.  This is a very good sign of good support at around that price range.

In addition to that, in the last few transaction days, there were more acquisition activity by major shareholders on the company shares.  Looks like upside is imminent.  Cheers !

I sold Maxis @ 5.42, 14th September 2010

Today is the ex-date for Maxis dividend and decides it's time to raise some capital for other potential counter that has a higher % growth potential.  I begin to queue to sell at 5.38 at around 10am but Maxis were mostly transacted at 5.35.

At the last 20minutes of market trading, around 4:40pm, I started to notice something odd is happening with Maxis.  My screen kept blinking with a buy-q vs sell-q of 5.36 / 5.42 but no transanction were done.  Quickly called my remisier and was told that Maxis had a stop-trading order for 10minutes.  At 4:50pm, Maxis is back to open market trading with a huge transaction done at 5.42.  Hence, my Maxis was sold at 5.42 instead of my original queue-to-sell price at 5.38.  Overall, I'm happy :)

Oh, looks like KLCI is going for 1500 before Malaysia Day.  Will it achieve the goal ? Let's see tomorrow.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Market start with a bang in September

Nice rally from the DJ on the first day of the month.  Even Citigroup (C) goes back to above 3.80.  The same goes for many other stocks in DJ.  Apple (AAPL) has been rising steadily in anticipation of a new product launch and finally it was announced yesterday, an improved Apple TV box-set.

As for KLSE, nice gain on the index but majority turned lower on the first day.  However, we see some reversal and nice gains on quite a number of counters in KLSE.  JCY registered an almost 20% gain after dropping from 1.7x to just 0.90.  Mudajaya didn't join the rally unfortunately.

Will the rally continues tonight ? Let's find out together.