Monday, February 28, 2011

Bought Pantech-wa today, 28th February 2011

Despite KLCI closed in the green territory, many counters suffers another selldown today, the last day in February.  The issues in Libya and high oil price remained the top blamed reason for the poor performance by regional markets.

Nevertheless, I continue to take this opportunity to scoop up bargained stock.  This time, I managed to buy some Pantech-wa @ 0.325.  The warrant still has many years before it expired.  There is plenty of time for this warrant to run and in fact, it did had a good run about 2 months ago.  Pantech is potentially one of the beneficiary of the recent O&G sector stimulus announced by Najib recently, which coincides with the time the warrant was issued.  Perhaps the bosses knows something we don't.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

TWS released its final quarter, 4th, result and it's a great one !

Despite KLSE being slaughtered today, quite a number of companies released their quarter earnings with very good result and some, comes with very good dividend.   TWS remained my favourite still.  TWS reported a revenue of 1.5 billion and a net profit of 193 million.  This brings the 4th quarter eps to a whopping 66.51 and the total eps for all 4 quarters comes to an outstanding 165.31, that's RM1.65 for every unit of share out there.  At today's closing price, 7.56 and divided by 165.31, that will gives you a PE of only 4.5 !  In my opinion, this stock is deemed cheap despite its recent run up of almost 100% in the past 3 months.  Oh, I almost forgot to mentioned that its NTA rosed by RM1 to 6.83 since previous quarter.

A whole year quarter earning details :



Year End
Current Year Quarter Current Year To Date
24 Feb 2011 TWS 4th 31 Dec 2010 1,590,845 193,472 66.51 - 5,575,625 482,068 165.31 - 6.8300
2 Dec 2010 TWS 3rd 31 Dec 2010 1,399,534 123,842 42.32 - 3,984,780 288,596 98.90 5.00 5.8200
25 Aug 2010 TWS 2nd 31 Dec 2010 1,285,708 87,498 29.88 5.00 2,585,246 164,754 56.28 5.00 5.4100
31 May 2010 TWS 1st 31 Dec 2010 1,299,538 77,256 26.40 - 1,299,538 77,256 26.40 - 5.2200

Bought Glomac today, 24th February 2011

Another order got matched immediately, Glomac @ 1.72.  In fact, due to network lag, it got double matched, means I bought double the volume of my original intention.  Will try to contra off whenever opportunity arises.

Why Glomac ?
1. Low PE
2. The boss is actively buying
3. Growth

Bought more Pjdev-wc again today, 24th February 2011

Wow, major earthquake in KLSE today.  Huge sell down.  I view it as an opportunity to accumulate.  Pjdev-wc, which I continue to queue from early morning, not thinking it will actually match, eventually got matched after I came out of meeting at 4pm.  Again, I bought more Pjdev-wc at 0.305.  The lowest it hit was 0.295.  Think I have accumulate enough Pjdev-wc for now.

Other major markets are also suffering from the same selldown fate.
Hang Seng -305 (-1.34%)
BSE -447 (-2.46%)
Jakarta -43 (-1.26%)
Nikkei -126 (-1.19%)
STI -27 (-0.90%)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bought more Pjdev-wc today, 23th February 2011

Just bought in more Pjdev-wc @ 0.305, same price as my previous entry.  It got matched when I was away for lunch. 

Just some comment on the KLSE market condition.  A very common question people would ask is why the market go down so much ? Is this a good entry price ? Is this a good price to sell ?

In my humble opinion, we as ordinary people, will not know of the answers for the above questions.  So, the best way to tackle these questions is to use fundamental analysis to reduce our investment risk (all investment comes with risk) and make the best judgment call out of it.  Buy at a price that you are comfortable with and the same goes for decision to sell.  One can never buy at the lowest and sell at the highest.  The most important is the ability to make profit out of it.  After all, our objective of investment is to make profit.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mudajaya Released 4th Quarter Result

Mudajaya just released its 4th quarter result and I must say it's another good quarter for Mudajaya.  Revenue comes in at 230M for current quarter and for the whole year, it generated 869M.  The net income for the quarter came in at 57M, highest reported net income in all 4 quarters, translating to a 13.96 eps.  The annualized eps came in at 50.96.  Very nice.  With today's closing stock price of Mudajaya at 5.12, that equates to about 10x PE and that's a very good number.  Mudajaya is also proposing a 3c dividend for its shareholder.  So more dividend coming soon.

One can expect more companies reporting great result next week.  Might take this opportunity to realize my gain.  I'm excited in the coming weeks, don't you ?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More dividend on its way

MBMR just announced its 4th quarter result with a revenue of 390m and net income of 28.2m.  This translates to 11.64 eps for the 4th quarter.  Its full year eps stands at 58.27c.  At the current price of 3.22, its PE is only 5.5x (the lower the better).

MBMR is giving a total of 8c dividend, tax exempt.  Details as below :

Ex Date : 03/03/2011
Payment Date : 23/03/2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bought Tambun today - 11th Feb 2011

Finally, one of my buy order matched.  Bought Tambun @ 0.705.  The IPO price for Tambun is at 0.70.  The lowest it gets was 0.68.  With low PE and a promising dividend policy, Tambun should be a good investment for medium term.  Enough said, back to monitoring for last few minutes of trading activities to see if I got lucky again.

Edit: Corrected date, should be 11th instead of 10th.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A drastic drop seen in KLSE today. Will it affect you ?

KLSE closed first session in the negative of 15pts.  If you look at the Top Losers, it consists of mostly blue chips and financial stocks.  Most smaller caps stocks only suffers a minor drop and for some, have already regained its losses and tracking into green.

Look at how TWS performed.  There is a huge interest in TWS after the CNY breaks.  It has regained its year high, 8.03.  It is now trading at 7.85 and if you add in the dividend of 20c that went ex-date on 31-Jan-2011, that would equate to 8.05 !  TWS is expected to announce its 4th quarter earnings in early March.  Judging from its recent rally and higher volume traded, one can only expect to see another spectacular quarter earnings.

Touching on PJDEV-WC,  it too has gain significantly, over 20%, since my entry price at 0.305.  There seem to be a strong support at 0.37.  There is still much room for it to continue climb.

Finally, MBMR, she has been in the slumber mode for a while now.  However, she has shown some recent activity of wanting to wake up.  EPF has started acquiring MBMR and that is very positive for all MBMR shareholders.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year !

It's the eve of Chinese New Year and market is open for half-day.  Although market is green, but there is not much volume.  Guess everyone must be away or back home preparing for the reunion dinner.  Let us all enjoy this festival or holiday ! Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays !