Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bought TWS today - 23rd Nov 2010

Aha, double matches today.  Earlier today, I bought in on Alam.  Towards the closing of KLSE market, I managed to get TWS @ 3.97.

Why TWS ?

For the past 2 quarter earnings, TWS reported a 600% increased profits.  In addition to that, just few days back, TWS Plantation reported equal increases in profits for this quarter.  Since TWS has a substantial stake in TWSPLNT, my prediction is that TWS will report an equivalent profit for this quarter in next few days.  Based on FA, the PE for TWS is somewhere around 5 or even lower if TWS continue to report superb quarter earnings.  Hence, there's plenty of room for TWS stock price continue to climb.

The only downside is its low trading volume.  This is probably due to its low floating shares.

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