Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tambun declared a 4.6sen dividend

Tambun Indah, one of the latest property IPO based in Penang, announced its first dividend of 4.6sen, keeping its promises.  This was indeed a surprise and with the current price of 0.73, that would means a dividend yield of 6.3%.  Bear in mind that this is just an interim dividend.  In other words, expect more dividends in coming quarters.  At the price of 0.73, this property share is deemed attractive as it is only trading at a single digit PE ratio.

Entitlement Date : 15/08/2011
EX Date : 11/08/2011
Payment Date : 07/09/2011
Dividend : Single Tier Interim Dividend of 4.6 sen

With this dividend announcement, this stock may have gotten a bigger pool of investors and may helped in pushing its share price higher in coming days.  Happy days is coming.

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