Monday, October 17, 2011

Sold MBMR today - 17th October 2011

Finally manage to dispose my MBMR @ 3.00 each.   Unfortunately, it is sold at a minor lost after deducting previous dividend payments.  My average entry price for MBMR back in December 2010 was 3.35.  After some 10 months of holding, the stock price has weaken somewhat by mostly the August plunge.  However, my decision was based on its previous few quarter earnings which in my opinion is a little disappointing, not much of a profit growth, in fact, some profit contraction.

In betweem these months. MBMR declared a 8cents dividend in March and another 6cents in September, which total a 14cents of dividend.  After deducting the dividends, my losses from this stock investment is only approximately 5% which I feel is very minimum.

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