Thursday, February 2, 2012

MBSB just released its 4th quarter report

MBSB, a shining star in my portfolio, has been rising steadily for the last 2 months, has just announced its 4th quarter earnings.  I must say, however, it came below my expectation.  Nevertheless, it is still a profitable quarter, 347 millions in revenue with a net profit of 83.8millions, translating to an eps of 8.35cents.  The annualized eps came in at 32.42 cents.  It is a great year for MBSB for its net profit tripled.   The stock traded 2.23 at closing today, which is equivalent to PE of 6.88.

The company also proposed a final dividend of 7cents less 25% tax.

Overall, despite it came under my expectation, it is still a good quarter for MBSB.   Tomorrow's opening hour will be closely watch by me.

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