Tuesday, December 25, 2012

TWS offered to be privatize

At the end of last Friday's trading, 21 Dec, TWS trading was suspended along with two other sister company, TWS Plantation and Bernas.  Shortly after KLSE closing, TheEdge published an article that the majority shareholder of TWS, Syed Mokhtar intend to merge both sister companies into TWS.

All 3 stocks remained suspended today and the announcement only came up after trading hours of 24 Dec where a general offer of RM9.30 per share to take TWS private.  All 3 stocks will resume trading on 26 December (Wed).

Based on the announcement, I'm certain TWS stock price will jump on Wednesday morning.  My only disappointment is that the offer price fell short of what I had in mind although it is a 20% premium from the Friday's last traded price.

Nevertheless, it is still deemed as a good news to all TWS shareholders who have been hoping for a stock price appreciation.

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