Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sold TWS - 18 January 2013

I finally sold TWS @ 9.07 yesterday but didn't manage to post the update as I had to head out and didn't return home until now.  The decision was made mainly from the uncertainty and lack of news on the privatization.  Since it is nearing my 2nd batch of purchase entry point, I decided it's time to let go.

My first TWS entry was on November 2010 @ 3.97, while second entry was on August 2011 @ 9.09.  As you can see, my gain from the first entry is about 128% while almost breakeven from my second entry price.  TWS was one of my best investment in 2011. 

Over the 2+ years of holding on to TWS, I received several dividends by TWS, about 4 times since my initial purchase.  Although the dividend yield is not high, but still the amount is quite substantial.

The hunt for TWS replacement is on-going and do share with me if you think you found a TWS replacement :)

Happy Investing !

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