Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sold Digista - 9 Jan 2013

There is a long history behind Digistar.  I bought it in Oct 2011 with an entry price of 0.405.  After a few months, around July 2013, it shot up to around 0.64, which was about 50% profit at that time.  2 announcements were made at that time, one good and one bad news.  The good news is Digistar is pursuing to move into Main Board listing.  However, the bad news is one of the insider dumped huge lot of shares.  I was reluctant to follow the major shareholder footstep and banking too much on the listing in Main Board.  That decision cost me big time.  Enough is enough.  I finally sold it today at 0.30, which is 25.93% loss.  Can't win it all, but it's a lesson learnt.


  1. any new picks for year 2014?

  2. digistar not stable... sometimes profit sometimes loss kaokao...
    better sell and pick up other more potential counter... :D