Thursday, September 23, 2010

I bought more Supermx today, 23th September 2010

Today is a red day for KLSE, a day after Mooncake/Lantern Festival.  Majority of the stocks under my radar experienced a mild panic-selling activity.  This includes Mudajaya and Supermx, which touches 4.10 and 4.00 respectively.  When everyone starts selling, especially a panic selling is detected or majority of public is in selling mode, it's a great opportunity to buy in on those solid fundamental stock.  Hence, I decided to buy more Supermx today at 4:04.  My current average price for Supermx now stood at (4.57 + 4.04 ) / 2 = 4.305.

EPF is still on continually acquiring more of Supermx in the last few days even though the rubber sector sentiment is dropping.  Many investment house are reducing their target price for the major players in rubber sector.  Nonetheless, I'm still not worried.

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