Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I sold Maxis @ 5.42, 14th September 2010

Today is the ex-date for Maxis dividend and decides it's time to raise some capital for other potential counter that has a higher % growth potential.  I begin to queue to sell at 5.38 at around 10am but Maxis were mostly transacted at 5.35.

At the last 20minutes of market trading, around 4:40pm, I started to notice something odd is happening with Maxis.  My screen kept blinking with a buy-q vs sell-q of 5.36 / 5.42 but no transanction were done.  Quickly called my remisier and was told that Maxis had a stop-trading order for 10minutes.  At 4:50pm, Maxis is back to open market trading with a huge transaction done at 5.42.  Hence, my Maxis was sold at 5.42 instead of my original queue-to-sell price at 5.38.  Overall, I'm happy :)

Oh, looks like KLCI is going for 1500 before Malaysia Day.  Will it achieve the goal ? Let's see tomorrow.

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