Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bought Pjdev-wc today, 25th January 2011

My order were fully matched at the very last minute of trading today.  Bought in Pjdev-wc @ 0.305.  I have been queuing for at least 2 weeks to finally get it at this price.  Pjdev-wc will only expires in 2020, which means there is plenty of time for it to go up.

KLSE bleed 15pts as at 4:45pm and my shopping begins :)


  1. I've bought this share too.. May i know your long term prospect for this stock.. (FYI, my first time buying warrant)

  2. PJDev earnings has been pretty steady, maintaining a very low PE. The warrant still has a long before it expires. I'm still holding onto the warrant, waiting for its time to shine.