Friday, January 21, 2011

Huayang latest quarterly earning and KLSE pre-CNY correction

Huayang just reports its 3rd quarter earning with a revenue of 49million and a net profit of 7.6million, which gives a 7.11 eps.  This brings the cumulative eps to a total of 17.58 and this is a very good number.  Its NTA continue to rise together with its eps.  In short, the company is growing !  Huayang is getting more and more interest from the public and I believe fund managers as well.  The stock price has not move much but undoubtedly it will, just a matter of time.  Refer to my previous postings on my entry price :)

KLSE suffer the biggest setback since beginning of 2011, a whopping 19pts.  This is a healthy correction and it will gives many investor a good opportunity to take position.  Many believes this is the pre-CNY correction.  Personally, I have been eying a few stocks, some have even queue to buy but couldn't get any matches.  I shall post here as soon as I get any successful matches.

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