Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bought Huayang yesterday - 1st Dec 2010

Haha, I didn't realize my order for Huayang matched at the very last minute.  Matched Huayang @ 0.95.  Recently Huayang had a Bonus Issue exercise and since then this counter has dropped to below 1.00.  The PE remains low and its earnings looks stable.  This counter has potential for growth in my humble opinion.

KNM gone thru a consolidation of 4:1, meaning if you have 4000 units of KNM before today, it will become 1000 unit from today onwards.  The stock price reflects its consolidation by opening at 2.08 this morning (0.52 x 4).

TWS continue to gain in stock price.  There is still plenty of room to go up. Hold !

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