Monday, December 20, 2010

Sold Scomimr @ 0.585 today - 20th December 2010

Just sold all my holdings on Scomi Marine (scomimr) @ 0.585. My average entry price is at 0.445. Thus, my gross profit is 31%. In case you are wondering when I first bought my Scomimr, it's almost exactly a year ago, 23rd December 2009.

The rally of Scomimr recently is mainly driven by the sales of its 4 main business that raised some RM585M in cash. Earlier this year, there is an article speculating that Scomimr may purchase a new business or return the cash in hand to investor in the form of capital repayment.

Nevertheless, I've achieved my intended target for this stock and I feel it's time for me to reinvest into another potential stock. Stay tune for my next purchase !

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