Thursday, February 10, 2011

A drastic drop seen in KLSE today. Will it affect you ?

KLSE closed first session in the negative of 15pts.  If you look at the Top Losers, it consists of mostly blue chips and financial stocks.  Most smaller caps stocks only suffers a minor drop and for some, have already regained its losses and tracking into green.

Look at how TWS performed.  There is a huge interest in TWS after the CNY breaks.  It has regained its year high, 8.03.  It is now trading at 7.85 and if you add in the dividend of 20c that went ex-date on 31-Jan-2011, that would equate to 8.05 !  TWS is expected to announce its 4th quarter earnings in early March.  Judging from its recent rally and higher volume traded, one can only expect to see another spectacular quarter earnings.

Touching on PJDEV-WC,  it too has gain significantly, over 20%, since my entry price at 0.305.  There seem to be a strong support at 0.37.  There is still much room for it to continue climb.

Finally, MBMR, she has been in the slumber mode for a while now.  However, she has shown some recent activity of wanting to wake up.  EPF has started acquiring MBMR and that is very positive for all MBMR shareholders.

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