Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bought more Pjdev-wc again today, 24th February 2011

Wow, major earthquake in KLSE today.  Huge sell down.  I view it as an opportunity to accumulate.  Pjdev-wc, which I continue to queue from early morning, not thinking it will actually match, eventually got matched after I came out of meeting at 4pm.  Again, I bought more Pjdev-wc at 0.305.  The lowest it hit was 0.295.  Think I have accumulate enough Pjdev-wc for now.

Other major markets are also suffering from the same selldown fate.
Hang Seng -305 (-1.34%)
BSE -447 (-2.46%)
Jakarta -43 (-1.26%)
Nikkei -126 (-1.19%)
STI -27 (-0.90%)

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