Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bought more Pjdev-wc today, 23th February 2011

Just bought in more Pjdev-wc @ 0.305, same price as my previous entry.  It got matched when I was away for lunch. 

Just some comment on the KLSE market condition.  A very common question people would ask is why the market go down so much ? Is this a good entry price ? Is this a good price to sell ?

In my humble opinion, we as ordinary people, will not know of the answers for the above questions.  So, the best way to tackle these questions is to use fundamental analysis to reduce our investment risk (all investment comes with risk) and make the best judgment call out of it.  Buy at a price that you are comfortable with and the same goes for decision to sell.  One can never buy at the lowest and sell at the highest.  The most important is the ability to make profit out of it.  After all, our objective of investment is to make profit.

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