Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bought BJCorp today - 18 Aug 2010

Finally, after a week long of queuing to buy BJCorp, it has finally matched @ 1.03.  There is a strong support at 1.03.  There is little downside risks in my humble opinion.  Goldman Sachs has a big stake in BJCorp and so does the owner himself, Vincent Tan.  Doubt they will let it fail.

I'm still looking at a few other counters.  Will post here if I manage to get in.

Talk a bit on overall KLSE market.  The Genting effect is starting to wear off.  It's T+3 day after all.  Supermx suffers a 21c, ending at 5.51.  The rubber sector seemed to have cool off.  The rise in Ringgit currency has affected in the rubber companies bottomline.  Even though Hartalega (Harta) is announcing a bonus issue of 2:1 and a dividend of 5c, the stock remained relatively expensive to enter now.  It's out of my radar at the moment.

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