Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bought Fajar-WA today, Aug 25 2010

Today's KLSE experienced a semi panic selldown.  This is the time I want to buy or accumulate.  There are so many attractive counters, but I only got myself Fajar-wa @ 0.52.  If the market continue to be in panic selling mode, I will most likely accumulate more, either in those that I have bought or some other counters that have hit my target buying price.  The market suddenly looked so yummy !

Also, the top 30 blue chip that determines the KLCI did not perform its magic.  Many counters seemed to recover quite a bit after 4pm.  Overall, an exciting day for me.  What about you ? Oh yes, this is another benefit of investment using Fundamental Analysis (FA) method, able to sleep in peace at night, sometimes with a smile.

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