Monday, August 16, 2010

Genting led KLSE to win again

Genting surged over RM1.00 in just 2 trading days. It's amazing how the KLCI is so dependent on the top 30 blue chips in KLSE.  The rest of counters could be having free fall but all that's needed is a few top heavy weighted counters to go up slightly, it will pull the index to green, at times very green.  KLCI is such a lousy market sentiment indicator since the change, unless of course you are purely a blue chip investor.

It's interesting to note that Genting SP is getting a Target Price (TP) of SGD2.00.  Nice but I have no position in it unfortunately.  Gratz to those Genting loyal investors.

However, INSAS is up by 0.01 today.  KFIMA did well today too.  It's trying hard to break 1.20.  Didn't manage to get anything new today though.

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