Sunday, August 15, 2010

Talk about food. Hey, it's weekend !

It's almost the end of this weekend.  Decided to go have a nice meal.  Went to try El Mondo at E-Gate.  Ordered a Seafood Pizza.  Waited about 20 minutes before it's served.  Although the pizza served right after it came out of the oven as it's very hot, but I find the taste to be below par.  For the price I pay for it, I'd say it's pricey.

Apart from food, this weekend is a drama-series weekend for me and my girlfriend.  This is the first time I followed a Taiwan series for a long time.  The title is SweetHeart 海派甜心, another romantic and love conflict drama but it was portrayed in a funny way which how it got my interest.  Finally finished the series today and overall i'll give it a thumbs up.  The series also premier a few nice songs which I'm listening to it now. 

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